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We're The Superhumans

4creative, London / CHANNEL 4 / 2017


1 Gold Cannes Lions
2 Silver Cannes Lions
4 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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To celebrate the achievements and abilities not just of elite athletes, but also everyday disabled members of the public.


A celebratory 3 minute film featuring a cast of more than 140 disabled people doing everything from everyday activities through to winning high jump gold. The cast included Paralympic athletes, members of the public and our very own superhuman band made up entirely of disabled musicians from across the world performing the Sammy Davis Junior track: ‘Yes I Can’.

It’s believed to be the largest disabled cast ever featured in advertising history.


The film had 40m social views, was shared over 1.8m times and became the most shared Olympic or Paralympic ad globally this year.

Its impact has been felt beyond the UK:

• Australia’s Channel 7 running the Yes I Can Ad as part of their promotion of the games.

• The US State Department using it as part of talks around disability.

• The UN will use the film as part of this year’s International Day of Persons With Disability

The film changed perceptions:

• 76% think the ad will help people feel more comfortable talking to those with a disability.

• 78% think the ad will help people feel more comfortable talking about disability.

• 86% think the film gave a positive portrayal of those with a disability.

The film has been added to the UK’s national curriculum and will be studied in schools.

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