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Our goal is to build a better world for all of us by addressing gender bias. We imagine a world united with equal opportunity, equal rights and equal respect. We told our story from the point of view of the important things in life- love, hugs, learning and conquering our fears. They don’t see gender, race or religion. They see humanity.

The idea to also leverage existing P&G digital content to create an overarching corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign, focused on P&G’s mission to achieve a gender-equal world, allowed us to demonstrate that individual P&G brands have always promoted equality, while consolidating its corporate viewpoint into one singular message: #WeSeeEqual.

#WeSeeEqual’s message focuses on the need to eliminate debilitating stereotypes that affect perception and hold humanity back, because the world is as you see it.


P&G launched its global corporate campaign, #WeSeeEqual, to correspond with International Women’s Day in March of 2017. The campaign was first debuted internally at P&G to communicate its overarching CSR effort to promote a gender-equal world to its employees. P&G then released the campaign through social to share its CSR mission with the millions of consumers it serves around the world. #WeSeeEqual was placed on the P&G “gender equality” CSR section of its website and posted on social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. P&G wanted a digital campaign that would be shared through social to spread awareness and spark a global conversation about gender bias, knowing that discussion leads to debate, and debate leads to progress.


-Over 8 million views in one month

-ABX Advertising Index recognized as a prototype for how companies can do well by doing good, based on following results: 57% higher than the industry average for purchase intent; 64% higher for likability, 68% higher for sharing, and 101% higher for brand love

-AceMetrix ranked as the #1 most inclusive ad of 2017 and most effective ad with a social message; named one of top 5 breakthrough ads of 2017, earning higher advertising KPIs than 99% of ads from the Super Bowl, the Oscars, the Grammy's and the election cycle.

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