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“What colour does dialogue have?”


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Dialogues, whether depicted, written, spoken, online or offline, form the basis of our business model. As a leading dialogue marketing agency and during the development of our own brand presence, we therefore faced a question: “How do we show potential clients and applicants how varied, powerful and inspiring our dialogues are – or, in short, what do dialogues actually look like?”

After all, our new brand should, with our new corporate and visual identity, express precisely what we believe in: the power of inspiring dialogues. Clients should experience how varied, intelligent and impressive our business model is and at the same time experience the sustainably inspiring value of our work. Applicants should feel the fun and passion with which we live for dialogues.


Every dialogue has its own personality, individual colouring and special sound. That is why we had the idea to transform spoken language, so words, syllables and sounds said, into organic design. This not only allows our brand to now appear as varied as the dialogues we lead daily – but also create enthusiasm among employees, applicants and potential new clients.


Our solution is the Farbphon (where colours meet phonetics) – an algorithm that turns dialogues into their own design patterns. The Farbphon assigns vowels lighter and warmer tones; consonants are given darker and cooler colours. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) serve as the data basis.

Using the Farbphon as a tool, we wrote and designed our credo book, drafted a website, produced new office supplies and placed ads – and we even managed to erect a new building in which the Farbphon sets the tone and brings our brand to life.

What is special about the Farbphon is that it loves every medium – and every medium loves the Farbphon. Our brand can therefore be experienced across multiple media. The Farbphon gives all measures original dialogue content and invites discovery of inspiring dialogues.


The Farbphon has the task of making it possible for very different target groups to experience our brand.

Existing employees, new employees, new clients and the agency market should recognise that inspiring dialogues have the power to create sustainable values. Identification with our own brand, employee loyalty, therefore played a role that was just as important in the assessment of our brand relaunch as new applications, new-business enquiries and increased visibility of our brand in the market.

After almost a year, we can really see that the Farbphon is having an effect, both internally and externally, for all these areas. This is visible in, for example, increased loyalty among the staff, a rising number of applications, considerably more new-business enquiries and a wealth of PR articles.