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What Kind of Advertiser are you?

DIALEKTA, Montreal / DIALEKTA / 2016

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Case Film
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What if an ad addressed you by your name and adapted its message based on your job description, favourite drink, website you are on and the current weather outside your window. That’s exactly what we did and much, much more.

An ad could read “Mike, the NASDAQ just lost 13.2 points. You should invest in your company instead”. This demonstrates how personal data (Mike is a boss) and real-time third party data (Nasdaq went down) not only triggered the ads, but were also part of the creative.

This seamless fusion of multiple data sources in real-time made it possible to deliver the most targeted ads through a single HTML5 banner.

Ongoing data mining helped fuel the creative team with new targetings and ad copy ideas. These new ideas could be deployed on the fly through a powerful yet simple online interface which did not require any changes to the original HTML5 banner since it was designed to be customized remotely.

To ensure the final ad copy displays perfectly on every screen and for any length, the actual font was delivered through a server and strict quality assurance rules were coded.


All the internal data collected through the quiz was stored in a database that served as the cornerstone for the creative structure. Every time a banner was triggered, it called this database for information. Within milliseconds, the data was hierarchized and selected in order to send a new version, relevant to the user and the context. This version then called the APIs for the external data needed to complete the creative. As the banner appeared on the website, it was updated and completely personalized thanks to the fusion of internal and external data.

Additional rules also dictated when a specific sentence could be used. Thus, each ad was always perfectly relevant. For example, the ad telling you to take your favorite fresh drink would only be triggered when the temperature was above 20°C.

Finally, the creative was built in order to stay neat whatever the length of the data was.


15% of the Quebec advertising industry participated in our quiz which recorded an impressive 28% conversion rate. That was more than three times our initial objectives!

The illustrated profiles, together with screenshots of the customized banners, were very popular and widely shared on social networks. In fact, people loved this campaign so much the click-through rate topped ten times the national average.

To celebrate this epic campaign, we launched the first ever party announced solely through online banners! Faithful to our campaign’s concept, the ads became invitations, dynamically displaying the number of places left, the name and profile color, which created an urgent, compelling call to action. Within days, party spots were sold out, demonstrating the high level of engagement among targeted professionals.

Since then, Dialekta has won a “Boomerang” for data utilization, which is one of the the most prestigious advertising award in Québec.

Furthermore, Dialekta received more than twenty qualified leads as a direct result of the campaign. Seven have led to signed contracts to date. Dialekta has also been contacted by several international clients.