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BBH, New York / AMAZON / 2017

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To leverage the most important benefit of the new Amazon Fire Tv Stick, the Alexa voice remote, we decided to create a campaign empowering the user to speak up their personal opinion and tell Alexa what they want to watch. It doesn't matter how many times your friends and colleagues tell you to watch their favorite shows, because at the end of the day, it's not what they say, it's what you say. We created two TVC's than ran on Youtube and broadcast, emphasizing how annoying it is to be bombarded with show recommendations all the time and everywhere. The TVC's, social posts and custom social videos ran under the #ShowStorm hashtag.


The "What you say" campaign has two TV and Online films, plus a very heavy social side: With a total of 8 online videos and several facebook and instagram posts. We developed the entire campaign from brief to launch in a three month period. The films ran on broadcast and on Youtube's pre-roll. The custom-made social videos ran on Facebook and Instagram Stories. The TVC's, social posts and custom social videos ran under the #ShowStorm hashtag.


During the campaign there were significant improvements in Fire TV brand 'top of mind' and 'unaided awareness’ scores.

Broadcast spots “Cake” and “Fight" performed strongly in terms of break-thru and looking at our ad diagnostics, the :15s over-performed in terms of relevance and providing new information (especially among early tech adopters) vs. norms and historical campaign benchmarks. Brand Recall and Message linkage were also significantly higher vs norm.

Exposure to social video content on Facebook and Instagram indicates an increase in both device consideration and ad recall against the exposed audience, demonstrating that the campaign effectively grabbed viewer attention and drove upper funnel metrics across social media.

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