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Our challenge was that, despite the new Volkswagen Crafter being loaded with many class leading features and cutting-edge safety technology, on the outside it looks much like any other work van: white and boxy. The only way to experience what differentiated the Crafter from other vans, was to get people to experience it for themselves, through a test drive. Plus, it’s no secret that if you can get someone test-driving your vehicle, then you are over half-way to recruiting them as a customer.


Vans all look the same: white boxes on wheels; mobile toasters with the sex appeal of a loaf of bread. But, when your van is crammed with category leading tech, you’re not embarrassed to own how you look. In fact, Volkswagen have a legacy of confidently owning their shortcomings - Lemon, anyone? So, while other brands position their vans as something they’re not, we launched the new Volkswagen Crafter for exactly what it is, which we actually built: a fully-functioning, drive-able white box on wheels, and then had video-reviewed on a platform where our audience do their research - on Australia’s largest car review site, By being brutally honest about how people viewed vans, we could focus their attention on what really mattered to them: The technology and features within.


Our target audience was owner/operators of small and medium businesses, and to a smaller extent, Fleet Managers of medium/large fleets. Small business owners, whose livelihood rely on their van, said they’d choose function over form, any day. They were looking for anything that gave their small business the edge; looks came secondary. Our channel strategy was inspired by a fish-where-the-fish-are placement. We filmed a video-review of the white box on wheels and placed it on Australia’s largest car review site, natively. Once we disrupted people’s expectations, we then directed them with a pointed CTA to book a test drive. In fact, every piece of communication after the teaser stage (outdoor special builds) directed the audience to visit the site to take a test-drive. And the results reflected this single-minded CTA.


The White Box campaign was in market from 1st August to 31st October and included online films, digital banners, radio, large format OOH and OOH special builds, Facebook and Instagram. All ran nationally, with the bespoke OOH appearing in Australia’s biggest cities: Sydney and Melbourne.


700% Increase in test drive leads.

89% Increase in July sales.

178% Increase in Q3 sales YOY.

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