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Wi-Fi Killer

R/GA SÃO PAULO , Sao Paulo / TIM BETA / 2017

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We concepted the WiFi Killer. The WiFi symbol is one of the most iconic and loved symbols for the youth generation. We hacked the design and prominently displayed it in the design of the candy wrapper. The candy package contained the SIM card. The current expectation is that anyone can game or stream wherever they want and whenever they want. The WiFi Killer empowered data-addictive people to have 20Gb of data per month, setting them free from WiFi. The candy package was designed to be easily distributed and the idea was easy to spread by word of mouth, sparking curiosity on the streets, in bars, clubs and events. Anonymous packages were sent to YouTubers inviting them to share candies with their followers. To amplify the movement, we distributed banners with hidden codes that unlocked digital candies. The campaign empowered TIM Beta’s customers to enjoy the full power of their smartphones.


We distributed WiFi Killer candies at bars, clubs and events, creating an underground movement. We simultaneously released a video, bringing attention to the campaign. PR caught on and spread the word. As the public became aware of the WiFi Killer, we published online banners to engage hundreds of thousands of people.

• Design elements included in 3 different posters:

1. Hacked WiFi symbol (the principal design element of the campaign)

2. WiFI symbol with a skull (representing death)

3. Snake, in the shape of the WiFi symbol

• Design touch points: we prioritized the hacked WiFi symbol to help spread the campaign message and mixed it with deadly symbolism.

• Materials, style elements, design choices: posters were made on a budget. We placed them where our target audience was, i.e. bars, performance theaters and in public spaces.

• Design development and process: we hacked and put a twist on the ubiquitous WiFi symbol


WiFi Killer couldn’t be ignored and the target response was huge. We intended to have a 3-month campaign to get 100,000 new customers, but we were forced to interrupt it at the end of the first week. The Wifi Killer had spread so fast, we quickly reached 220,000 new data-addicted customers. Even after the campaign ended, the search for magic “candy” continued at some bars and clubs.

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Wi-Fi Killer: Design

R/GA SÃO PAULO , Sao Paulo

Wi-Fi Killer: Design

2017, TIM BETA

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