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McCANN, New York / MASTERCARD / 2022

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There’s been a catastrophic decline in our planet’s ecosystems and natural environments over the years. Mastercard is on a mission to help stop it. Our passion and purpose for protecting our planet play a significant role in our company’s core belief - doing well, by doing good. Mastercard took drastically needed action when they launched the Priceless Planet Coalition, a platform that unites and engages businesses and consumers in collective action to protect the planet. And with the goal of restoring 100 million trees by 2025, we’re well on our way. But there is more to be done, specifically when it comes to wildlife conservation. In the last 50 years, wildlife populations have declined more than 60 percent. And with so much of the population passionate about this cause, Mastercard wanted to give every person the power to make a difference, while simultaneously creating awareness.


While Mastercard continues its wide-reaching and cohesive work around protecting the environment, there was an opportunity to do more when it came to wildlife preservation. And in addition to executing the initiatives under the Priceless Planet Coalition, we set out to empower people with an easy way to make an impact that could be part of their everyday lives. Mastercard partnered with Conservation International to create a series of Wildlife Rescue Cards: gift cards that give crucial new meaning to their expiration dates. The themed cards feature endangered species with the expiration date matching the year these animals are predicted to go extinct. It’s a reminder to take action before it’s too late. For each gift card purchased, a donation is made to Conservation International, helping people, wildlife, and nature all thrive together, around the world.


42% of people around the world are passionate about protecting wildlife. Mastercard’s goal was to connect their passion with the urgency of the problem, and give them a simple way to make real change. The Wildlife Impact Card puts a real-world issue and a way to help in the hands of consumers all around the world.


The Wildlife Impact cards launched in the U.S. with virtual prepaid cards that were available summer of 2021, the physical cards followed later that year. The physical cards are made from 100% recycled materials, in line with Mastercard’s sustainable mission. Following the launch in the United States, DSK bank of OTP Group in Bulgaria has brought the Wildlife Impact Card to Bulgaria. We started with one, but the potential is huge. And our plan is to roll it out globally.

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