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ABINBEV, Mexico City / ABINBEV / 2020

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Despite the world’s trends focused on inclusion and the laws in Mexico, 9 hate homicides are reported every day against LGBTQ+ members in the country, these gruesome numbers make us the most homophobic country in Latin America.

In 2019, the leader and most iconic activist from the Muxe community was murdered.

On the other hand, one of the insights of Gen Z is their interest on the way human relations should be, they believe that these relations must be genderless.

To give power to these messages, we wanted to create awareness on the genderless muxes community on the LGBTQ+ parade celebrated on June 29. Our goal was to enhance the diversity of our origins, that are part of our DNA, and to recognize Muxes as the “third gender” in Mexico.

Cerveza Victoria has been working for years on making visible the Mexican culture and their traditions.


- To show the world that the LGBTQ+ PRIDE is also a Mexican pride, we reached the Muxes, a zapoteca indigenous community from Oaxaca. They have been practicing this genderless tradition since pre-Colombian times.

- The purpose of this campaign was to sensibilize public opinion on the minority’s inclusion. In this case, the Muxe indigenous minority in the LGBTQ+ community.



Victoria is the beer that promotes diversity and traditions in Mexico, and the pride of being Mexican

Our main audience are individuals from 18 to 24 years old, part of the Z Generation; who defend that relationships should not be determined by gender This is why the connection with the LGBTQ+ community gets a different sense from older generations.

The term Gender Free is a fundamental pillar for Centennials and can be seen in fashion, music and pop culture. The campaign “With Muxe Pride” wanted to sensitize the young and public’s opinion about a topic as relevant as the inclusion of minorities (in this case the indigenous-LGTBQ+) in Mexico.


1.- Preview

• We started a social media conversation to create expectation about the muxes

• We started an unbranded campaign with the help of influencers, so that Muxes can assist to the LGBTQ+ parade

• We launched “With Muxe Pride”, an audiovisual content starring real Muxes, to enhance their traditions and culture

2.- LGBTQ+ Parade

• We designed a special allegorical car for 70 Muxes that came from Juchitan, Oaxaca. This was their first time to participate on the parade

• With Muxes approval, we made t-shirts, banners and crowns following and respecting the aesthetic of their traditions. This merch was given to the assistants

• We designed a special can of Cerveza Victoria campaign to make tribute to the Muxe community; these cans were not on sale

3.- After the Parade

• We made a mini documentary film for social media about the Muxes


Earned Media & PR coverage

• More than 1,5 million in organic media publications on Facebook and Twitter, their topic was the Muxe video

• More than 80 media clippings

Video Hero Metrics

• 135K on web site

• 19,9M Twitter y Facebook impressions

• 9.1M reach on Youtube

Brand channels

• The KPI surpassed the 372% compared to a normal month

The results of the campaign “With Muxe Pride” exceeded the expectations, the sales were not the purpose, the real goal was to enhance values taking benefit from the emotional bond we have with our audience.

With this campaign, we proved that Victoria’s goal is to create exposure of our origins in multiple dimensions, we are a country full of diversity and inclusion, we are proud of our ancestral traditions.

Our principal goal was to position Muxes as an icon of diversity, inclusiveness and respect in Mexico and give them a special place on the PRIDE parade.

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