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WOLT, Helsinki / WOLT / 2016

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Wolt is the world's most advanced mobile interface for ordering great food from the places near you.

Wolt combines a clean, smooth app with a word-class food delivery service. It lets users order their meal to be delivered, have it as takeaway or to be eaten at the restaurant.

The app's design stems from our obsession over human details. Wolt is carefully crafted so the user can order the most delicious, diverse and healthy food in their area with just a few taps.

The competitive space is filled with essentially logistics companies concentrating on grabbing land through marketing. However, food is an experience. Wolt guarantees it's an excellent one – starting from the moment the user picks a restaurant and builds their order to getting it delivered to their location. As reliably and fast as possible.


The Wolt app shows the user a map with a view of all the nearby restaurants that accept Wolt orders including payments. It takes a few taps to choose a restaurant, a meal from its menu and the delivery method.

At fastest, this only takes around 10 seconds.

As the customer waits for their meal, Wolt keeps them posted. It provides the user with real-time information on the order as it progresses. Once the meal has been prepared, a map shows how the food arrives to the customer. The delivery takes less than 30 minutes.

Wolt is a human experience company, and Wolt is made for humans who eat. This shows in the detailed, warm design of the application, filled with small affordances.

Wolt's UI puts emphasis on interesting responses to interaction. Sometimes more obvious, sometimes positively surprising. For example, swipe gestures are honed from a horizontal line to better resemble a natural, slight curve mobile device users actually make.

Wolt provides arguably the world's best user experience around getting food. It is built on efficient and smooth tech-enabled communication between the restaurants, couriers and users.

Every detail left in the design is essential. Wolt is about being uncluttered, friendly and approachable.

As great food needs to be tasted, Wolt needs to be tried yourself.


More than 110 000 registered users have joined Wolt in only 8 months since launching home-delivery. Currently, Wolt has almost 500 restaurants on board in the Nordics, and the ranks are growing every week.

The most successful restaurants on Wolt get 20–30 % of their revenue from orders made through the app. The seat capacity is used up to 30 % more efficiently and the waiting staff time is freed up by 30 %.

Every day, 1 000+ meals are ordered through Wolt. (3/2016).

Annualised run rate 11M€

110,000+ users in 8 mo.

450 restaurants

300+ couriers

60+ employees

13M€ funding


Apple: Editors' Choice on the App Store.

Wired: Chosen as one of Europe's hottest startups in 2015.

Nordic Startup Awards: Finalist in three different categories.

Finnish Top of the Year Awards 2015 (“Vuoden Huiput”): Awarded gold in two categories: "Service Design" & "Product Design and Its Marketing".

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