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We wanted to create more than a campaign, but something that every woman around the globe could use to prove Manterrupting is real, as well as help men to acknowledge and reduce this behaviour.

The smartphone was the perfect answer: a device people already carry around, equipped with a microphone. So we developed Woman Interrupted, an app that analyses conversations in real time and shows how much female users were interrupted or how much male users interrupted a woman.

The app uses a voice calibration and the difference between the frequency of male and female voices to measure the interruptions. The campaign was launched 2 days before 2017 International Women’s Day and included a gallery with more than 80 posters, a hotsite, and media that were donated to the project, such as OOH (like a whole month in Times Square), digital, a custom playlist created by Spotify and much more.


The biggest challenge was to assure absolute accuracy in the app. The developing process took 6 months and more than 12 versions. The iOS and Android were launched simultaneously, after a rigorous testing by the biggest software testing company in Latin America, OneTesting.

The app launch and campaign were planned to happen globally in the week of International Women’s Day, a time when people are more willing to debate gender equality. Two days later we launched the Portraits of Silence project, a collection of 87 posters representing the silencing of women, illustrated by artists around the world.

Posters were available on the official website, along with studies about manterrupting, app usage tutorials, and other assets. Through the following days, there were videos, digital media, a custom playlist created by Spotify and others. All media were 100% donated to the cause, including 1 month in Times Square.


The app escalated quickly: over15.000 downloads within the first days in 57 countries. It also made headlines in 36 countries, featured in TV programs from networks such as FOX News, CNBC and CNN. It was also published in 250 news websites and blogs, from New York Times, El País, DailyMail, Huffpost and BBC to others like FastCompany, Mashable and Cosmopolitan.

All those spontaneous media resulted in more than U$7.5 million in earned media, and 700 million impacts. The discussion spread to social media, impacting another 12 million people.

In paid media, the estimated impacts were approximately 75 million, while not a dollar was spent - all the formats were 100%donated - from a Spotify playlist, through OOH activations to a Times Square double billboard for an entire month.

But no doubts the most important result was successfully reached: raising worldwide awareness and debate around Manterrupting and gender inequality.

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