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ENERGY BBDO, Chicago / BAYER / 2019

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This tactical digital program complemented Claritin’s new brand platform in 2018. The campaign shows allergy sufferers enjoying all the wonderful allergens in the world, like puppies and wildflowers, while leveraging the brand’s core equity of green grass and blue skies that match the product package.

This project was designed to activate our brand purpose and build brand affinity with allergy sufferers who hide inside during beautiful springtime. In most of the US, winter is cold and trees and flowers go barren and dormant. On the first nice days of spring, people typically feel liberated and burst through the doors outside. Allergy sufferers miss out on this. Those nice days are the worst days for them – allergens spike as trees, grass and flowers all start to come alive and bloom. We knew we needed to find a way to empower allergy sufferers to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.


The five different dynamic elements of the Weather Alerts helped create pre-roll that was directly relevant to the viewer. Seeing their town’s live weather map, hearing their town name in the voice over, and seeing the film of a local park they know made the ‘get outside now’ message immediately relevant. By only turning the media on when the weather was nice only further increased personal relevance and urgency for allergy sufferers.


To create urgency, our Wonderful Weather Alerts were customized to serve the right message to the right people in the right moments. To pull this off, we created a bespoke system leveraging dynamic pre-roll with five elements edited in real time: a live local weather map from Accuweather's API, live weather graphics, dynamic voice over of the weather, images of a blooming local park, and media that only was turned on if the current weather was sunny and over 68° (20°).

Also, the online video ads targeted only those inside, on desktop based on targeting viewers who were part of “indoor affinity” groups (i.e., TV Lovers, Movie Lovers).

To even better find allergy sufferers, the media was heaviest in the top allergy cities in the US during the beginning of spring when they stock up on allergy medicine.


The online campaign generated over 285,000 unique weather alerts composited dynamically in real time. Each iteration was incredibly relevant to the viewer since it reflected the current weather outside their window, a local live weather map, and local park visuals. The campaign gained over 501 million impressions that Pandora tracked and re-targeted 77% of viewers onto Pandora mobile who had gone outside (15,693,545 desktop impressions, 12,066,396 mobile impressions). Mobile users were served the Claritin outdoors message and a coupon.

The effort resulted in a 7.4% sales lift for Claritin.

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