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Cosmic Latte, a Moscow-based specialty coffee shop chain, wanted to launch its own brand of cold brew coffee. But there were two concerns: firstly, cold brew is quite new for the Russian market. Secondly, it’s a typical summer drink, however summer is a low season for coffee shops.

The brief was to create a new brand of cold brew coffee that people would speak about despite the low season.


Specialty coffee shop visitors are mostly white-collar workers, and Cosmic Latte is located mostly in office blocks. Also, cold brew coffee is a rich tasting drink with high caffeine concentration, so it’s perfect for people who work a lot — that was our target audience, main insight and inspiration.

That's why we've named cold brew coffee Workaholic and packaged it in a wine bottle and beer can. After all, workaholics have the same overwhelming passion for their work as alcoholics for their spirit of choice.


Being true workaholics ourselves, we’ve created 10 logos instead of one and 10 label designs. The bottle is completely covered with different labels, each one has its very own design and contains all the necessary information. This project is a collaboration of several designers and illustrators, who gave their vision on the topic of workaholism.

We've also created a gift box, coffee bean bags, coasters, pins, stickers, wrapping paper, flask, badges, posters, and Telegram stickerpack with Workaholic design.


Workaholic launch was a success. It was sold online and offline in 6 Cosmic Latte coffee shops, the first batch of 3000 pieces was sold out in 2 weeks. The drink and the project was very well received, and after the sold out everyone kept asking when the Workaholic will appear again. So right now Cosmic Latte is preparing new batches of Workaholic (also with new tastes) for release in 2021 summer season.