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HEALTHWARE, Salerno / DOMPE / 2014

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High-level technology, information hub with scientific contents, last generation graphics. All mixed with extreme usability and easy-to-navigate features. This is the new website of Dompé (, biopharmaceutical company focused in R&D for rare diseases.

The primary aim was to communicate globally (general public, media, scientists and institutions) updates on potential therapeutic solutions for rare and orphan diseases in Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Transplants and Oncology. Moreover, was created to lead users into the core activities of a Company committed to innovation, thanks to an intuitive and pioneering layout.

An invitation to an easy trip through the sections, to discover the characteristics of Dompé. The layout wants to represent the innovativeness of the Company thanks to essential lines and the latest devices in terms of interaction and 3D images. The website follows the latest design trends and is characterized by automatic animations that respond to the users’ interaction. The result is a rich navigation experience that allows to reach the widest screen size, also by reducing the height of the menu during the scroll. More than 120 images are used to create an emotional and distinctive impact. With this distinguishing features, aims to become a unique websites in Healthcare scenario.


Dompé.com has been designed to communicate globally the complexity of health contents and of a Company committed to R&D for rare and orphan diseases in Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Transplants and Oncology, in an intuitive and innovative way.

1. Dompé's need of a digital identity card in line with its new and innovative R&D strategy, inspired the creation of a new corporate website.

2. End of 2012: the developers conducted a reference analysis through healthcare/pharma websites at global level.

3. 2013: the development was started and lasted approximately one year and a half.

4. March 12, 2014: Dompé officially launched the new website. has an innovative layout enriched by over 120 3D images, to ensure an high level of responsiveness for a more uniform view also on mobile devices. The website has a social oriented structure, with a constantly updated newsroom and with innovative SEO of video assets.

Outcome aims at providing everyone an opportunity to get in touch with a dynamic company committed to research. The aim is to innovate the company way of communicating by highlighting the characteristics of Dompé’s strategic approach. This choice is in line with the increasingly international dimension of the Company.

The web represents the ideal “showcase”, and a more dynamic means of speaking with researchers, institutions and all the Dompé’s stakeholders. registered relevant outcomes:

• Visits: +124%

• Unique visitors: +138%

• Visit duration increased of 100%

• Pagesviewes: +145,6%

• Bounce rate: -43%

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