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Xfinity Eco Capsule™ for Xfinity Streaming Box and Xfinity Gateway Products

COMCAST, Philadelphia / Comcast NBCUniversal / 2021

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The Xfinity Eco Capsule TM packaging is both reusable and 100% recyclable. With six patents pending and the world’s first resealable molded fiber pulp lid, the Xfinity Eco Capsule features a superb customer unboxing experience while using renewal resources such as bamboo, bagasse (sugar cane), and paper. The Eco Capsule is manufactured in factories that utilize solar and wind power and recycled water. FSC certification has been completed or is in the process of being completed. In addition, the design team worked with the accessibility team to integrate braille on the exterior lid and optimized the lid design and pull strip for easy opening.


The Xfinity Eco Capsule TM is our platform for modular, reusable, recyclable packaging. We have a sizing and manufacturing system that allows for economies of scale with common parts such as shared lids. The tube can be cut to multiple lengths for varying sized products while using the same resealable lid. With shared package sizes and common parts, the problems of inventory management and potential unwanted or outdated packaging resulting in waste are solved.

The bamboo, bagasse, and paper pulp lid is unique and is the world’s first. The reusable design means that less packaging is thrown away by our customers. We encourage reuse by including illustrations of how the Xfinity Eco Capsule can be saved to store favorite things. The molded product trays are 100% recyclable with paper and are compostable. Overall, we have reduced the footprint size by 10% from the previous packaging and reduced the


The Xfinity Eco Capsule has two versions: a direct ship with a brown kraft paper exterior and a full-color white retail version for Xfinity stores with a bold and welcoming design. For direct ship to customers, we use a natural kraft paper that wraps around the friendly shape. The bamboo and bagasse molded lid have an elegantly embossed Xfinity logo and the sealing label has both braille and the Xfinity branding. The Xfinity Eco Capsule shape is both iconic and memorable. The graphic design is purposefully minimal on the exterior for the direct ship version. On the retail capsule for the Xfinity Flex streaming device, photorealistic renderings that illustrate the streaming box and voice remote form pair with simple feature iconography and content partner logos representing the variety of entertainment accessible with Xfinity’s voice technology. Together, these visuals quickly communicate the products’ benefits to customers.


Our commitment to minimizing the impact to the environment is evidenced with the reusable, recyclable design made from renewable resources which are sourced responsibly with the FSC certification underway. By showing creative ways to reuse the capsule packaging on the exterior, we are encouraging our customers to save the packaging. We selected carefully green manufacturing partners who share our vision and we substituted plastic with more earth-friendly materials. In addition, we considered the impact of energy during the assembly process and engineered a design that cut the time from 50 to 66% and reduced the footprint by 10%. The use of braille is both useful and symbolic in the importance of designing accessibility into our product experiences.