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YARIS 2003

AMAZE, Cheshire / TOYOTA / 2003

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Objective:1) Re-invigorate interest in the Yaris through the improved Yaris 03 model2) Integrate with above the line communications to build a 'bigger' story around the car launch3) Utilise media touch points i.e. TV starts story telling, web continues but also acts as standalone experience4) Generate entertainment and interest in the vehicle for an on-line audience through tone of voice and style5) Insure that the creative work can be localised and is appropriate for a European target audience.Target audience:1) Young singles and couples2) Late 20s, early 30s3) Male and Female (50/50)4) Modern mainstreamCreative approach:The TV commercial shows aliens visiting earth to view the 'Ingenious new Toyota Yaris'. The web creative moves the story on by showing that they do not leave earth empty handed but in fact take a copy of the blueprint of the car and transform their spaceship into it. They then return home where we demonstrate that urban driving problems (and the solutions provided by the Yaris), exist even in outer space. This angle provides us with an opportunity to entertain and inform our target audience.

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