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In 2020, few industries were as affected by the pandemic as live events.

In Japan, as in most countries, summer festivals are part of the culture with a loyal following.

How could one of Japan’s most popular acts help other performers and the venues affected by the pandemic?

Music acts, comedians and performers as well as the physical venues and food vendors were left at home and without this much needed annual source of income. How could we bring them together in the same place if they can’t be anywhere?

DJ Yatsui, the musical half of the famed duo Elec.Comic, brought everything online.

With performances held simultaneously in multiple online channels—all at the same time.


Gods that represent everything that is fun, joyful and magical-- were illustrated as being part of this once in a lifetime banquet of happiness.

To promote the online festival and generate excitement when the country needed the most.

An almighty reunion to help fight off the effects of the pandemic with the powers of music, dance and endless laughter.

Thanks to the Gods and DJ Yatsui, for a few days in 2020, people united to celebrate the possibility of a better tomorrow.


The gods of all things joyful meet in this design.

The God of laughter, Japanese Goddess of dance, of AI (The Robot God), of Sun and Art, of India, of Music, of Thailand, even God of Dogs. All brought together the MC of the Three Kingdoms, DJ Yatsui.

The whole concept brings to life the idea that the world that was and still is under a pandemic needed all this love and happiness to smile again.

A psychedelic Indonesian design inspired by the Japanese art of the 70's, with strong colors and a very distinct personality.

With every element and character in the design having a life of its own.

Creating merchandise that soon became collectibles and expanded the reach of this piece organically through fans who wanted a piece of this banquet of happiness.


Thousands of fans helped crowdfund the online festival.

Thanks to the Gods and DJ Yatsui, for a few days in 2020, people united to celebrate the possibility of a better tomorrow.

An online festival that brought a lifeline to comedians, musicians and even local food vendors that could participate and deliver food to the viewers as if they were all at the same venue at the same time.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, thousands tuned in to stream the festival.

And for a moment in 2020, DJ Yatsui and the Gods brought a smile to a nation that had just been hit with its first state of emergency during the start of the pandemic.