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Since its inception in 1970, Uni Noodle has 49-year history and has brought up fond memories for Taiwanese with its simple flavor and inexpensive image.

In 2015, the "House of Little Moments" campaign has successfully rejuvenated its brand image in the young generation’s mind. Since then, Uni Noodle has been trying something fresh, making breakthroughs every year and keep surprising consumers with its spirit, “Flavoured by moods”.

In 2020, “House of Little Moments” season 4 faces a more diversified marketing situation. Meanwhile, foreign brands also have a great impact on the instant noodle market in Taiwan.

So, how can “House of Little Moments” continuously consolidate relationships with consumers by its unique Taiwanese flavor?


We launched serial films, "You Are How You Slurp", engaging people to find out: what kind of personalities do they have while eating noodles?

The series film continues Uni Noodle’s core idea, "Flavoured by mood", and this time, the noodle shop owner analyzes his guests and personalities while narrating their stories according to their different eating habits, and create the bespoke recipes.

Viewers can select different films, based on different ways of eating noodles, so watching advertisements turn into doing a personality test, at the same time, viewers can also realize how a bowl of instant noodles with its unchanged flavor turns into a variety of creative dishes to comfort different customers having different personalities.


Being a local well-received and enduring series of films, House of Little Moments wants to stick to its spirit, “Flavoured by moods”, as well as its intimate atmosphere and popular characters, but is also keen to keep surprising its consumers, providing a fresh viewing experience to people.

We found Taiwanese love to do psychological tests, finding out self by analyzing different habits. And there’s a situation that happened to have relevance with in the noodle eating culture - everyone eats noodles in a different way. Moreover, our series film’s protagonist, noodle shop owner likes to observe his guests and interpret their stories.

So we combine these three elements and create a new series, “You Are How You Slurp”, the owner analyzes different ways of eating noodles. While enjoying the unique and cinematic storytelling style of “House of Little Moments”, people are not just watching commercials, but doing a personality test!


We created the House of Little Moments, a noodle shop with ease, warm and intimate atmosphere, and always stands at the corner next to your life, and the noodle shop owner who likes to observe his guests, creating different fusion noodle recipes depends on every guest’s moods.

With a cinematic touch and profound and unique storytelling, season four shows five ways of eating noodles represent five different personalities, successfully triggering people to click and watch.

In order to spread out the serial films, we use video platforms, social communities, and social network communication service to send out the “You Are How You Slurp” personality test to attract consumers to click and watch films based on their ways of eating noodles. Consumers are resonated with the stories and also realize what kind of personalities they have, then widely shared on social media.


- Increased sales of all their distribution channels over 9.43% rather than the previous corresponding period.

- The number of Uni Noodle YouTube official channel subscribers increased 6.3% after the campaign released online.

- The campaign got 4,610,390 views on YouTube and received 267 comments.

- Further, it has driven the views of previous campaigns, S1 to S3, achieved 110,000 views.

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