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- According to an U.N. report, home is the most dangerous place for women.

- In Brazil, at every 2 hours a woman is killed inside her own house.

These are only a couple of examples that show how alarming domestic violence is, and how important and urgent it is to address this subject. Something that Avon Institute has been doing for 15 years.

So, the company that has already invested 150 million Brazilian reais in over 300 projects that have helped more than 6 million women who were victims of domestic violence, had a simple request: to raise even more awareness around domestic violence, showing women that they are not alone and can find help through their support chain.

With no budget and lots of people who agreed to help, we created a 20MM impacts campaign that consists on prints ads, outdoors, an art exhibition and radio spots.


Avon Institute, a company that has always helped women who were victims of domestic violence, realized that reporting those crimes is still a challenge.

And that’s because most women are alone when it all happens.

So, in order to raise awareness around these painful but true stories, we decided to give voice to their only witnesses: the objects inside the house.

Each of them told, in first person, a story based in one of the types of domestic violence from Maria da Penha law. And our goal was to impact as many different people as we could.

Because regardless how serious and sorrowful these stories can be, they have to be heard, since it’s the only way to prevent it from happening again.

At the end, we showed women that they are not alone and can find help and support through a support chain that we presented during the campaign.


We collect inside data from Avon Institute and studied Maria da Penha Law, a law that is responsible to address crimes surrounding violence against women. We found out everything about their 6 types of domestic violence and how they follow a common pattern. Finally, we searched real stories of domestic violence.

We then understood that domestic violence is an important subject to every person. Women need to know they are not alone, men need to be educated around the theme and everyone should understand how these crimes behave.

So, we agreed that this campaign should impact as many people as possible, bringing its message to places where it has never been before. We didn’t want to accuse men, but bring them to the conversation, calling their attention through an unusual point of view.

Therefore, we rely on a media strategy that focused on high visibility and diversity of contact points.


The campaign consisted on print ads, an art exhibition, more than 100 out of homes and a landing page.

For an entire month, the print ads were spread in Brazil’s most famous magazines and newspapers. The OOHs stayed for weeks in São Paulo’s streets.

Moreover, the landing page is still available and people can find all stories and audios, together with Avon’s support chain, which also works to protect women.

Through the magazines and the landing page, we were able to spread our stories all over Brazil and, by now, more than 20MM people were impacted by our stories and we keep on working hard so that this message can reach an even bigger audience.


Avon Institute showed once again its responsibility towards Domestic Violence and put itself as a reference to other brands and institutions. Besides, consumers saw that all Avon’s efforts and projects are legit and this cause received all the attention we could give.

Moreover, we not only spread Avon’s projects and actions, but also showed women different institutions that fight for the same cause, promoting them as our support chain and describing all they’ve been doing at our campaign’s landing page.

With the print ads, the landing page, our exhibition and OOHs, we were able to impact more than 20MM people. People who finally understood how painful these stories are, but still how important it is for them to be heard.

Domestic Violence awareness was raised. Women discovered new groups and institutions that can help them. And São Paulo’s town hall will turn it into a travelling exhibition.

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