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You are what you sleep

THE BLOC, New York / PZIZZ / 2020

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A National Sleep Foundation poll found that more than half of those surveyed reported experiencing at least one symptom of insomnia at least a few nights per week within the past year. It is estimated that 2 billion people globally suffer from insomnia. That means for millions of Americans, good sleep is hard to find.

Despite the high prevalence of sleep disturbances, many are still unaware of the science of sleep, how it works, and how to practice good sleep hygiene. Sleep and insomnia are often treated as secondary symptoms of a broader underlying condition. Few have access to proper sleep therapy, indicating a large and growing demand for ways to get better rest.


To inform concept development, we conducted qualitative research with people suffering from insomnia symptoms in single and duo interviews. These interviews showed that consumers who have struggled with insomnia react strongly to positive reinforcement and hopeful, sympathetic depictions of insomnia. Naming the specific symptoms (trouble falling asleep and staying asleep) helped identify the problem, and spur the respondent to take action. Many expressed a willingness to explore non-pharmacological options before trying any medication. Respondents were also intrigued to learn more about the science of sleep, and to understand the biological causes that might be preventing them from sleeping, and how to overcome those problems.


Our focus in the creative execution was to convey that better sleep is within reach, with a solution as simple and accessible as a push of a button.

The headline speaks to a core truth that many experience every day after a restless night—the quality of one’s sleep, good or bad, has a significant impact on their ability to function as themselves.

To bring this concept to life, we partnered with LightFarm to create a CGI-rendered hero figure, made with common bedsheets and pillows, representing what it feels like to be well-rested. With the help of clinically-backed Dreamscapes from pzizz, our hero can feel the lingering coziness and warmth of the prior evening as he conquers the day. The rendering carries dream-like quality to it, with a hint of surrealism that is reminiscent of waking from a deep slumber.


Now more than ever, our audience is feeling the strain of being kept up at night. The campaign strikes a chord with those who not only suffer from insomnia, but also from the inability to get the most out of their days. The result? By connecting more people to transformational sleep with pzizz, the campaign brought more people closer to sleeping better at night and living better by day. 23% increase in app downloads.

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