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You Either Love It Or Hate It

adam&eveDDB, London / MARMITE / 2022

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Marmite has been a British table staple since 1903. For most of that time, it had been marketed as a healthy spread – ‘The Growing Up Spread’ – for young children thanks to its abundance of vitamins and minerals. But by 1996 the brand was in decline: awareness, preference and sales were all falling steeply as the number of young children in the population declined.

We were tasked with a simple objective: reinvent the brand to reverse the sales decline.


Over the last 25 years, we have used You Either Love It Or Hate It to get the nation buying our delicious/disgusting brown spread.

We’ve used TV to show all sorts of people loving and hating our spread.

We’ve built new occasions, teaming up with voracious sandwich lovers like Paddington Bear, to get adults eating Marmite at lunch not just breakfast.

We’ve created political parties for Team Love and Team Hate.

We’ve released polarising limited edition jars to celebrate cultural landmarks like the Queen’s Jubilee.

We’ve prevented horrific cases of ‘Marmite Neglect’.

We’ve created real genetic test kits to help the nation to discover whether they’re born lovers or haters.

We’ve encouraged our most faithful lovers to spread Marmite more carefully.

And we’ve designed hypnotic experiments to genuinely convert our most ardent haters.

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