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DROGA5, New York / JPMORGAN CHASE & CO / 2019

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Previously, the only way you could invest with Chase was by working with one of their financial advisors. But with the launch of You Invest by J.P. Morgan, Chase has given more customers the agency to make the most out of their money. By adding a self-directed investing product to their website and app, Chase customers can now view and manage all their finances in one place.

In order to compete with the rise of digital investing platforms, we needed to create an engaging and future-facing brand identity to introduce the platform to America. We aimed to build a distinct design ecosystem that remained faithful to the established Chase brand but would have a powerful voice of its own. Through a campaign that lives across traditional and digital touchpoints, our goal was to get more Chase customers to become first-time investors.


For the average American, investing is a somewhat unapproachable and elusive beast. Not knowing where to start, what to invest in, or what the risks are make taking that first step incredibly daunting.

You Invest does the very important job of demystifying investing, giving confidence to customers who want to be more involved in shaping their financial future. This cutting-edge tech was backed by warm, human branding that fits seamlessly into the brand equity Chase has already earned. While the investing category can feel cold, our approach brought much-needed brightness and levity.

Our design ecosystem had to not only stand out from a design perspective but simultaneously feel serious and trustworthy. This fine balance is one that we executed across tactical online, digital, OOH, TV and retail, all in an effort to get new investors to take the reigns and invest with confidence.


The You Invest brand identity is powered by a simple, intuitive design system led by bold, memorable imagery and a vibrant color palette. While staying true Chase’s established style, the branding embraced a more vibrant ecosystem, bringing warmth to an otherwise cold and unapproachable category. The brand’s values (represented by the tagline: “Stay cool. Stay calm. Stay invested.”) is shown through every touchpoint, inspiring confidence and comfort and revealing real human connections in an otherwise uninviting space. Central to the design system are the three interwoven lines that run through each execution, symbolically unifying the disparate aspects of investing and how they're seamlessly brought together through You Invest. Further illustrative elements are hand-drawn and motion-driven, while the photography is bright, realistic and graphic in nature—all reinforcing the brand's approachable and inviting backbone.


Overall, we have helped modernize the Chase brand while establishing a unique voice for the You Invest platform. The brand launch has been overwhelmingly successful in hitting our target market. In fact 89 percent of the rapidly growing You Invest base users are first time investors. For the launch of a brand-new product in a well-established category, these numbers were exceptional. With an easy-to-use, smart, self-directed investing product with a fresh, new identity, You Invest gave customers the confidence to make more of what’s theirs.

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