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Oral B has been trying to convert Israelis to electric toothbrushes for years. Despite its best efforts, however, just 20% of adults have switched from manual brushes - one of the lowest rates in the developed world.

Dentist endorsement and millions spent on advertising have had little effect. The high initial cost and a sense that electric toothbrushes are only for people with serious dental issues have created an impenetrable barrier.

With the launch of the new Oral-B Genius brush, with its position detection technology, we had a unique opportunity to change the conversation.


Insight: there was one day of the year when only 100% clean was good enough: Yom-Kippur.

It’s the holiest day of the year, and Jewish people repent for their sins and fast for 25 hours. The country shuts down: no traffic, no media, no eating.

If you eat anything – even the smallest morsel of food – during that period, you are destined to an early death, according to Jewish law. It’s no wonder that 70% of Israelis observe the fast… just to be on the safe side!

And a mouth that’s anything less than 100% clean could mean you accidently swallow some of the food particles lodged between your teeth.

We needed a new brand advocate. If consumers wouldn’t listen to the person who kept their teeth clean, then maybe they would listen to a higher authority.

Our idea: Even the best manual brushing isn’t good enough for God.


We wanted to teach the market about the benefits of electric brushing.

70% of Israeli population fast… just to be on the safe side.

Insight: consumers may not listen to their dentist, but maybe they would listen to a higher authority…

Our message: Even the best manual brushing isn’t good enough for God - "100% clean teeth".

A live side-by-side demo of manual effort VS Oral B, proved our 100% claim to Israel’s highest rabbinical authority, getting seal of approval.

In Video, Print and OOH, we showcased the rabbinical recommendation to use electric brushes. Online we took over all content relating to fasting.

A branded content video by Israel’s leading comedy show, created the catchphrase “You’re Out” identifying the fools who failed to use electric toothbrushes.

All content was directly linked to our e-commerce partners where super-fast delivery ensured the brush arrived before the fast began.


We hijacked the day with a 100% clean teeth message. Instead of a boring Dentist ad we've used a true Rabbi instead. We gained backing from Israel’s rabbinical authority and amplified their advice through digital, out-of-home, print and eCommerce.

A live demo was conducted, pitting a manual brush against Oral-B's, proving our 100% claim. The results – certified by an eminent dentist and Israel’s highest rabbinical authority, proved that only electric brushing could save fasters from sin.

This demo became the centrepiece for a Print and OOH campaign before Yom Kippur, showcasing the rabbinical recommendation to use Oral B’s electric brushes.

Online we took over all content relating to fasting mostly by content video starring cast members from Israel’s leading comedy show, who brought the consequences of accidental food crumb swallowing to life. All content was leading to our e-commerce partners which delivered the brushes just before the fast began.


Our content became an instant hit with 400,000 views – index 122 versus Oral B’s most successful video before this.

The phrase "You're Out!" became a national catchphrase.

Our media efforts reached more than half the people who were fasting on Yom Kippur.

And we resurrected sales of Oral B brushes to record-breaking levels. God’s recommendation ensured that Yom Kippur sales were 10% higher than those of Black Friday, Chinese Bachelor’s Day (more commonly known as 11/11) and Cyber Monday COMBINED.

• Oral B Genius (the brush featured in our communications) indexed 187 vs. previous period

• All Oral B electric brushes unit sales indexed 140 vs. previous period

• Total Oral B sales (including manual brushes, floss and toothpaste) indexing 117

The success of our insight and strategy now means that a similar approach will be applied to the six other fasting days in the Jewish calendar.

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