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Zinus: "Live in Wonder"


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Live in wonder. A few optimistic words born of our products and embraced by our customers became a full vibrant campaign. But it really all starts with the packaging. It’s the first and sometimes only brand touchpoint some people will experience. So we had to get it right. We want people to smile when they discover a beautiful box on their front porch, and smile when they realize they don’t need tools to assemble their bed, and smile when they find a little surprise hiding amongst the instructions. It’s all part of sending box after box of positivity out into the world and helping our customers understand what we mean when we say Live in wonder.


The heart of the company, a true commitment to balance and harmony, are reflected in the new Zinus brand logo. Organic textures and modern colors reflect the natural materials in their products and the fresh new visual wardrobe. The passion of their employees and the integrity of their products are now appropriately showcased with a charismatic human voice and a visual style grounded in reality but infused with bits of wonder. This set us in delightfully stark contrast to the rest of the category. The new brand has infiltrated every corner of the Zinus consumer experience, even down to a thoughtful little gift in some of the boxes. Live in wonder became much more than just a few words. It became a north star for everything we do.


Customers couldn’t be more excited about the new brand and the design. They’ve shared pictures of their packages, built rocket ships out of our boxes and left glowing reviews on our website complimenting the in-box instructions. The brand feels completely invigorated and initial web results were absolutely dreamy.

- Nearly 1 million in sales the first month

- 10% uptick in mobile users

- 68% increase in new users.

What does this mean for the brand overall? Well revenue from year to year has increased by 121% while overall website sessions have increased by 180%. Sounds pretty wonderful right?