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Why is this work relevant for Creative Strategy?

It was the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic when the A4L was launched. During this special period, to spill over marketing influences to other circles, generate a wide awareness and attention for All New Audi A4L was the topic for the launch campaign.


In addition to transforming market environment and user mindset, the sudden COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 severely affected brand and product communication and campaign. While Audi A4L, which was scheduled to launch during this period, was regarded as a “price-performance” choice among high-end automotive brands. The model has been squeezed out of the BBA camp. In addition to improving sales quality, the campaign also needed to show that Audi brand actively responded to the pandemic and helped boost brand image and create new value recognition.

The Interpretation of the Challenge

First of all, the campaign needed to effectively snap user attention and widely spread launch information to prepare for sales conversion after product launch. With enough product awareness, the campaign needed to create in-depth communication and interaction with users, inspiring them to speak up for the brand continuously. Then the purchase would be generated, ensuring sales target completion while improving sales quality. In the end, by depicting brand and product spirit “Be a stronger version of yourself”, the campaign could sharpen product labels and improve premium price.

The Insight / Breakthrough Thinking

Covid-19 pandemic also restricted offline user behaviors and caused surging demands for positive content. Online moves came up quickly and online launch conference became a must trend.With user group and scenario insights, the launch of Audi A4L would be an integrated platform to elevate the whole Audi brand. Based on product upgrades and Audi brand DNA, we created the key message “All New Audi A4L Be a stronger version of yourself” to match the special social background.

The Creative Idea

We deliver that “All New Audi A4L empowers you to be a stronger version of yourself”. It’s Audi’s product promise, an appointment and encouragement to users. With this theme, we created a launch model that could mobilize TV channel, Internet and dealer store together. We connected user communication channels to ensure user awareness and a smooth purchase journey. In terms of content, instead of previous brand/product-driven model, we focused more on resonating users and maintained a loud marketing voice with continuous resonating marketing moves.

The Outcome / Results

The campaign covered 7.3 billion audiences and collected 44,000 potential consumers.

Internet advertising achieved over 6.7 billion exposures and over 56 million clicks. OTT, radio, outdoor and magazine achieved over 600 million exposures.

User likeability and positive review rate improved to the first place among models of the same segment.

"Be a stronger version of yourself” has built a strong stickiness with users and effectively resonated with them, which also matched with requirements of brand refreshment, building a “Progressive” image. It generated an in-depth and positive influence to brand image building.

Please tell us about the long term strategic planning

In 2020, while optimizing brand architecture and boosting brand image in China, Audi needed to shape itself as the most progressive premium brand in China. As one of the brand’s most iconic product, A4L needed to further shape a progressive driver image in the launch campaign. To resonate with the progressive spirit of the era in China, the product needed to help Audi brand shape “Progressive Premium” values.

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