Y&R ISTANBUL, Istanbul / BURGER KING / 2016

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We were looking for an idea both reflecting the spirit of Texas Smokehouse Burger and create an interaction with the consumer. So, we brought the Duel concept, which is identified with Texas, to our stores. The fastest burger eater Texan Cowboy invited Burger King customers to a duel. Youngsters struck back with their strongest weapon, mobile phones. The ones who could take the photo of the cowboy before he took a bite from the burger both won the duel and enjoyed a free Texas Smokehouse Burger.


Firstly the cowboy was recorded for a day. The videos were uploaded to the digital outdoor display where people were going to have the duel. In the chosen Burger King store, a Texas themed area was created and the digital display was placed there. The display was supported with sound system. So, the Cowboy could call people for a duel with his own voice. The movement detecting cameras detected people’s movements, so, the video was displayed on the right time. A hashtag was created, so that people could share the photos with that. Burger King checked the photos and sent a code to the winners via DM. This code enabled the winners to get a free Texas Smokehouse Burger. The duel started in one restaurant but then spread to others.


This activation idea started as a pilot project in one of the Burger King restaurants in Istanbul. In one day we could engage 50 people in the Texas Burger Duel. From these 50, 40 people won the duel and tried for free the new burger. At the day of The Duel, the number of people who tried Texas Smokehouse Burger increased by 4 times. Moreover, apart from The Duel , sales of the Texas Smokehouse Burger rose by 20%.


In Turkey, everyone eats at Burger King: young couple, families, children... But the communication strategy is always focused on youngsters, who are the ones usually looking for inexpensive full-filling meals.

We knew to be able to touch to the youngsters we had to create a memorable experience. The Texas Smokehouse Burger was a great opportunity for us to remind youngsters the iconic Wild West movies. We knew that everyone remembered those classic Wild West movies with gun duels and cowboys and if we could turn this into an interactive experience, we would be relevant for our focused target audience.


Texas Smokehouse Burger was the new premium price product in Burger King’s portfolio. We had to create interest about the new product and generate trial, but for this campaign we had very low budget.

Despite Turkish people love to try new things, when it comes to fast food they are reluctant to spend too much money.

To be more efficient, instead of a small TV campaign, we decided to create an impactful in store game.

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