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7-Eleven sells more cups of coffee than anyone else in Australia - almost 70 million cups every year. But there were still some coffee aficionados, particularly young women, who would never give it a go.

They were missing out on the great taste, great value and convenience because of a misperception: that 7 Eleven coffee was made from syrup, or powder – not real beans.

But every cup of 7-Eleven coffee is freshly ground, as soon as you push the button. As anyone who knows anything about coffee knows, the great taste is all about fresh grinds.

So the brief was simple; demonstrate the freshly ground, roasted in Melbourne, quality coffee available in every 7-Eleven.

Describe the creative idea

To prove the great quality, freshly ground coffee that goes into every cup of 7-Eleven coffee, we created a beauty product;

The 7-Eleven Coffee Body Scrub - made from the same great quality, freshly ground coffee that goes into every cup of 7-Eleven coffee.

We partnered with Adore Beauty, Australia’s leading online beauty retailer and launched the product with actress, model and influencer Olympia Valance.

Describe the strategy

After almost a decade promoting their freshly ground coffee, 7-Eleven still wasn’t seen as being ‘real coffee’ by some Australians. In particular, they needed a new way drive consideration amongst female coffee drinkers under 35.

This task demanded we push further than paid media placement and show up in their world with a compelling experience for 7-Eleven coffee.

Thinking in an earned-first manner led us to an unexpected product transformation; from humble convenience cup into a covetable, limited run beauty drop.

The shift into the world of beauty gifted us a whole new language, aesthetic, experience and set of influencers to help shift perceptions of 7-Eleven's coffee.

Describe the execution

Ensuring the quality of our limited run scrub was just as good as our $1 cup, we partnered with one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, Botany Essentials. Using the same freshly ground Arabica and Robusta beans you get at your local 7-Eleven, blended in a unique formula with essential oils and packaged in a luxe jar - we delivered a premium scrub priced only at $1.

International model, actress and influencer Olympia Valance became ambassador for the campaign, helping build hype with our target audience in the pre-launch phase through her owned channels.

At launch there was a massive media push through earned channels, reaching over 9m Aussies and directing them to our distribution partners Adore Beauty.

The campaign launched on the 22nd of March across influencer channels, trade press/PR, OOH, social, YouTube, owned media from 7-Eleven and Adore Beauty – achieving unbelievable results.

List the results

We showed up in the world of our younger female coffee aficionados, infiltrating their feeds by delivering a beauty campaign, unexpectedly promoting a $1 cup of convenience store coffee.

The product powerfully reinforces that each cup is made from freshly ground Arabica and Robusta beans, tackling the quality perception challenge head-on.

We landed 52 pieces of PR coverage across AU with a total reach over 7.1m, with 100% positive / neutral consumer sentiment. All from an investment of $100k in paid media and $100k in influencer partnerships.

The campaign set new sales records for 7-Eleven.

The highest single day of sales for 2022 on the Thursday after campaign launch. Then, it set another benchmark with the biggest sales week of the year to date.

Overall, we sold over a million coffees and generated over $1.8M in sales during the campaign period.

And, we completely sold out of coffee scrubs.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and cultural insight that inspired the work

After almost a decade promoting their freshly ground coffee, 7-Eleven was facing stiff competition.

Australians love a good coffee, and understand how to choose a quality cup thanks to a rich culture around cafes and baristas.

So we worked with 7-Eleven to create a beauty product using the same freshly ground Arabica and Robusta beans you get at your local 7-Eleven.

A coffee Body Scrub we put in the hands of influencers to share how this unexpected product was now part of their beauty routine.

We tapped into the consumer culture and social behaviour of beauty content – product how-to's, reviews and glow-ups. A language that shows off products, ingredients and quality cues in a natural, authentic way.

An unexpected idea, that made a bold statement about the quality of 7-Eleven's coffee in environments and a language the brand could never pull off on its own.

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