REDIFFUSION Y&R, Mumbai / TATA / 2016

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India’s leading truck maker, Tata Motors, wanted to go beyond profitability to creating awareness & propagating safe sex in the trucking fraternity, the largest group of working professionals in India, that suffer from AIDS. In India, every truck has the line ‘USE DIPPER AT NIGHT’ at the back - which means "Dip headlights at night." So we created a condom brand and named it ‘DIPPER’. The target audience ‘the truckers’ now also became the carriers of the message across the remotest of places where media couldn’t reach. They propagated safe sex by just driving their trucks across the length and breadth of the Indian Highway. In association with HLL Lifecare, India's leading contraceptive provider and distributed by TCI Foundation, India's largest foundation integrated by the Govt. of India for its National Aids Control program.


Truck art is a uniquely Indian phenomenon, a sort of cult art form that’s existed for decades but has never been tapped into the mainstream or even within the trucking fraternity for any messaging, let alone to promote a condom brand. Therefore the visual narrative of Dipper was uniquely Indian in its approach – something that was common to several millions of truckers across geographies. Also, this audience lives and drives in a largely media dark environment. From an outdoor perspective, symbols and visual style play a critical role in establishing connect.

‘Reach’ was the biggest challenge. Our objective was to find and get through to an audience that drove elusively along the 2nd longest roadway in the world, in a language that they understood best.

Tata Motors is the world’s first truck brand that’s actually endorsed, packaged & then marketed condoms to protect the health of its core audience.

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