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ARTPLAN, Rio De Janeiro / ESTÁCIO / 2022

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Why is this work relevant for Media?

Because it took a prep course for the Enem, the most feared exam that every Brazilian high school student has to go through, to a media that represents the opposite of the universe of books and seriousness that mark the preparation for this test: the videogame. Estácio created a Fortnite map that could be accessed in-game on all platforms where it is available, from PCs to consoles and cell phones, with tips and exercises based on the main Enem subjects. In the final weeks leading up to the exam students could continue their preparation while relaxing and having fun.


In Brazil, every student must go through an exam at the end of high school. It's the Enem. The National High School Exam. An exam that evaluates all acquired knowledge during this period and whose grade serves as the basis for approval for scholarships and funding at all universities of the country. For Estácio, Brazil's biggest private university, the Enem period is essential to start relationships with its future students. Which all depend on the grade they get on the exam to get scholarships and funding. And it's a tough time to get any attention from these teenagers. They must study non-stop, and the exam is always on the back of their heads. That's why Estácio objectives were to break the clutter and introduce the brand in a meaningful way. Offering support on the Enem preparation while the innovative nature of the university becomes clear to them.

Describe the creative idea / insights

Through focus groups and research around conversations about Enem on social networks, it became clear that the exam is a very serious topic in the lives of students and any initiative around it should be more than an aspirational speech. Brazilian students want practical help that gives them tools to prepare and improve to do well on the exam. And they already have access to an infinite number of contents about it. Such as online courses and websites with simulated tests. Enem is synonymous with information overload and a never-ending pressure to study. There are over 100.000 videos about Enem on YouTube and, only in 2021, over 1.4 million daily mentions on social media. 71% of them negative. Estácio saw that the Enem is a traumatic event for most people and that some relieve over this tension was an important way to start a relationship with the brand.

Describe the strategy

The target audience was the reason to start the project. As the leading private university in Brazil, Estácio needed to begin a relationship with the high school seniors. The young people that were about to enroll in a college and had to choose an institution. They all would have to go through the Enem, the mandatory exam that evaluates their high school knowledge. So the test became the focus of our media planning. But there was a challenge: since the Enem was a hot topic for every high school senior, every brand that wanted to reach them was talking about the same thing. The battle for the student's attention was almost as fierce as theirs with the studies. It was necessary to approach them in a new way. We did this bringing relevant Enem content to a media they never expected to see it: the videogame.

Describe the execution

When Estácio decided to use videogames to help students get ready for the Enem it was necessary to choose the most appropriate game. And the one that became our main media channel was Fortnite. The game has a massive following in Brazil and among our targeted senior high schoolers. Played by 39% of them according to a DataFolha research. We created a map filled with challenges that also provided lessons and tips along the way. To make it fun and suitable for the platform, we invited one of the biggest Fortnite creators in Brazil: Derponce, which has over a million subscribers. He designed the map around the content that Estácio teachers provided. It was released two weeks before the Enem, when the teenagers were exhausted from studying all year. The launch had search media, Derponce's social channels and support from influencers. It had national scale and was available for free.

List the results

Estácio's map on Fortnite premiered two weeks before the Enem and immediately caught the attention of high schoolers, the gaming community and even the press. Globo, Brazil's leading broadcaster, called it "the definitive tool to help students get a last look over the studies for the exam" and "Estadão", one of the country's leading newspapers, said it was "unlike anything universities do to attract students' attention during the Enem". On the exam week Estácio made it to YouTube's Gaming Top 10, reaching 2 million minutes watched, taking the brand to an unprecedented place right in the most important recruitment moment. Estácio's Fortnite map reached 44 million people and became the media channel responsible for the most leads in the entire semester. The business results were also expressive, with an increase of 92% of new students from Enem.

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product / service is distributed

Estácio is Brazil's biggest private university, with more than 1.500 college centers, more than 700,000 graduates and 50 years of tradition. Estácio also has a permanent commitment to the development of education in the country. In a nation where only 5% of the population has a higher course and in 2019 just 21% of the 25-34 Brazilians had complete college (less than half of USA's 49%), getting into university is a dream that often ends up being abandoned. Public colleges offers only few positions and private courses end up being expensive for most of the people. That's why Enem, the National High School Exam, is fundamental for the vast majority of higher education students in Brazil. It's through the score teenagers get on it that they have access to scholarships and government funding to attend college. Therefore, students face an enormous pressure at the get a good grade at it.

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