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We are working on a very powerful insight; here in Spain a typical working day is ending up later and later. Parents do not get home until 8 p.m. They then have to play with their children at the same time when the Champions League is being broadcast. What should they do? Watch the match or play with their children?

This delivery solves their two problems simultaneously.

We created a collection of hats especially designed to hold our clients’ Smartphones projecting the Champions League match on them.

They just had to enter in YouTube with their login and enjoy the football match and at the same time enjoy playing with their children.


• Implementation: 1 month. 1/09/2015 - 2/10/2015

• Placement: Banners, spots on their own channel and preroll in football videos.

• Timeline: banners 1 month - tv spots 15 days - pre roll 3 weeks

• Scale: Spain


• Business impact – sales, donations, site traffic: TThe campaign managed to reach the increased of the brand by 26%. 8200 memberships were achieved. No client asked for the subscription during the month of the campaign.

• Response rate: The response rate was 50%.

• Change in behaviour: The Brand image was modernized and at the same time it got close to the people. In Spanish speaking country, a brand in English achieved to position itself very quickly.

• Impressions: The 250 hats were delivered during the first week.

• Consumer awareness: The target gratefully received the delivery as it solved important problems: to entertain their children and to be able to watch football matches. We demonstrated that the brand knows their clients very well.


To communicate it to the viewers that Bein Sports could be now watched on YouTube we made a promotion campaign. Our members registered in the website, filled in the form a contest for one of 1 000 hats that we raffled. The creation of these promotional elements helped to improve the image of the channel.


Target audience: fathers between 25 and 45 years old

• Approach: We got closer to the target in an original way, giving value to the experience of digital contents.


Situation: the football channel BEIN SPORTS had done an agreement with YouTube to project the Champions League live inside this video platform.

Brief: to make BEIN SPORTS subscribers know the possibility of watching the Champions League in their Smartphone, through a YouTube channel.

Objectives: create loyalty among our clients, improve the channel’s image and promote the use of the product.

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