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Why is this work relevant for Titanium?

It's not everyday that an idea born in advertising gets awarded by the National Neurology Academy as the 'Neurorehab Initiative of the Year', wins a monetary grant for the cause of Alzheimer's and becomes a part of training curriculum for therapists.

MTV 'Memory Karaoke' is a one-of-its-kind customisable karaoke that uses technology and the power of music for long-term retention and recall in early Alzheimer's patients. It features especially created songs based on critical information commonly forgotten in such cases. Using patients' personal data as lyrics, the website creates personalised songs for every visitor basis their condition, for daily practice.


There are 6 million+ elderly Indians living with Alzheimer's in India.

Medical research from Harvard, amongst others, has shown that important information when combined with music, helps those living with early Alzheimer's and Dementia retain information.

However, unless this information in the songs can be personalised for each patient basis their condition, the same won't be of much help. Personalising songs in a catchy manner for each patient isn't easy and calls for musical skills that are complex and not everyone's cup of tea.

Describe the creative idea

MTV 'Memory Karaoke', in association with Alzheimer's & Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), is a one-of-its-kind online, customisable karaoke that brings the power of personalisation to music therapy for early Alzheimer's patients, aiding retention and recall.

Created with the help of experts - the website features customisable songs based on information commonly forgotten in such cases. For eg Home address, names of relatives, important life events, etc.

Once the patient's caregiver enters critical personal information as lyrics of these songs, the website uses advanced AI & machine learning to create a personalised track for every visitor in real-time for daily practice, thereby aiding long-term retention.

The CEO of Alzheimer's Disease International, the President of Indian Academy of Neurology & top neurologists backed the idea.

Winning 'National Neurorehab Initiative of The Year' at the Indian Academy of Neurology Awards and a monetary grant has ensured even greater reach in 2022.

Describe the strategy

Memory Karaoke had two kinds of TG

1. Early Alzheimer's patients & caregivers

2. The medical fraternity

To make the idea accessible to all, to account for the role of technology and also the need to maintain anonymity, given the privacy of families and patients, we launched the tool on a website, www.mtvmemorykaraoke.com

The website is designed keeping in mind caregivers of patients as primary users, who can enter relevant information that the patient has difficulty remembering.

The website hosts 4 songs based on data commonly forgotten in such cases, like home address, names of relatives, important life events, daily activities. The caregiver has to simply enter critical information as lyrics of the song, using which the website creates personalised tracks for every patient to practice daily.

For credibility, we needed endorsements from the medical fraternity, who were introduced to the tool and who immediately gave it their voice.

Describe the execution

The idea was launched in World Alzheimer's Month on 28th September, 2021 and is on going.

It is accessible through the website, www.mtvmemorykaraoke.com and the communication for the same was done across MTV India's social media channels and on MTV's TV network channel shows .

The idea was launched with a limited budget and spread through word of mouth and organic reach to international experts in the field, to the Indian Academy of Neurology that awarded it the '2021 National Neurorehab Initiative of the year'. On the back of this and other notable endorsements from the medical fraternity, the idea spread to people, resulting in website visits and use of the tool. The Indian Academy of Neurology also gave the idea a monetary grant, which will ensure the tool reaches an even wider audience in 2022.

List the results

MTV had never won an award from the ‘Indian Academy of Neurology’ till MTV Memory Karaoke won the ‘2021 National Neurorehab Initiative of The Year’, awarded by the Indian Academy of Neurology. This included a monetary grant for the cause of Alzheimer's. All this within 50 days of its launch.

Within hours of its release, the campaign got immediate international endorsements from various experts including the CEO of Alzheimer's Disease International.

The ability of this customisable karaoke to help patients with early Alzheimer’s was endorsed by doctors in big Indian hospitals like Fortis, Raheja and more, as well as by the President of Indian Academy of Neurology.

Memory Karaoke has been included in training curriculum for therapists.

It has featured in various national & international seminars on Alzheimer's.

So far:

Campaign reach: 59.44 million

Minutes spent on the website: 10,590+

Earned PR: 5.2 million INR

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