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Why is this work relevant for PR?

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting the world to a screeching halt, Globe Telecom activated all in its arsenal to support the Filipinos and ease the burden of the pandemic. Globe's holistic approach in its COVID-19 response initiative played an important role in proving that it is one with the Filipinos in maneuvering through the new normal.


When Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic was imposed all over Luzon in March 2020, it disrupted the lives of Filipinos. Filipinos had to abruptly deal with the changes while burdened with all the uncertainties of the pandemic. People reeled from suddenly being cut-off or cut-out from the rest of the Philippines and even their loved ones abroad.

True to its Purpose of treating people right to create a Globe of Good, Globe, as a technology company, saw the significant role it will play in the lives of its customers as they face the challenges of life amid the pandemic.

Describe the creative idea

Recognizing the immense role that the OneGlobe ecosystem can play to respond to the needs of the Filipinos, Globe immediately mobilized all facets of its business to deliver assistance and empowerment to its customers. Products and services were re-engineered, programs and measures were mounted to enable Filipinos to fight the battle from the safety of their homes. And so, #OneGlobeVsCOVID was conceived, a campaign that activated all the resources of the OneGlobe ecosystem to be one with the Filipinos.

In a matter of days, products, services, and programs were re-tooled to address the difficulties customers were facing. The unifying message, #SafeAtHome, encapsulated the genuine care towards Globe’s customers - a collective call to stay safely at home with an assurance that we are one with them as they adjust and cope with the new normal.

Describe the PR strategy

Supplementing mainstream media communications, PR and social media played a key role in reaching our customers as use of digital accelerated. Coming from key media consumption habits in the Philippines, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were the top platforms used by Globe’s customers the most. The company mobilized each of its digital channels to reach its customers. OneGlobe ecosystem’s accumulated follower base of 8.7 million, Globe Rewards app’s 6 million users, media partners, and Globe influencer group’s combined followers of 25.8 million users provided a sizable audience for all the efforts put forth in the fight against COVID-19.

With a healthy mix of customer offers, empowerment programs, educational content, and inspirational messages, the #OneGlobeVsCOVID campaign was brought to life.

Describe the PR execution

As one of the biggest Filipino companies, the whole ecosystem quickly mobilized its various assets to drive the campaign. This concerted and massive effort required all assets to play specific roles in meeting the challenge.

Globe's website, social media pages, apps, influencers, and media partners were used to disseminate information on the many assistance programs and donation drives launched by Globe. Advertising of marketing offers were temporarily suspended.

Media partners were maximized by mounting several assistive webinars on e-learning and mental health on their respective social media channels.

List the results

#OneGlobeVsCOVID campaign generated immense results in such a short amount of time. A staggering total of P690 million was extended to the Filipinos in the form of customer assistance programs, donation drives to frontliners and LGUs, as well as assistance to the families in need.

Remarkably, a total of P36,482,345 worth of Globe Reward Points were donated to partner hospitals and medical institutions within only 27 days of the program launch. The amount donated was used to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs,) testing kits, and thermal scanners for frontliners. The campaign was so successful that other companies, including Globe’s biggest competitor, quickly followed suit.

Globe fully embraced its commitment to helping Filipinos cope with the pandemic through:

Bill extensions

Installment payment options

Additional GB allocations on data promos

Free and unlimited WiFi access to hospitals and supermarkets

Waived call charged to national and LGU COVID-related hotlines

Free access to e-learning materials via Globe eLibrary, among others.

Amidst COVID-19 that devastated and continues to batter a nation, the OneGlobe ecosystem extended pivotal assistance to the country by flexing all the resources from telecommunications, to digital finance, to telemedicine, all in service of the country. With its holistic approach maximizing all it has in its arsenal, Globe proved to be instrumental in helping ease the burdens of the Filipinos in an unprecedented challenging time.

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

"Everyday, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good" became the guiding light to which Globe executed the #OneGlobeVsCOVID campaign. By putting its customers first and prioritizing their needs above all else, the OneGlobe ecosystem exerted all its might to provide all the help it could extend to the Filipinos at the time of hopelessness and uncertainty.

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