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Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Open on Paloma Teppa strolling through her unique set built to reflect her world - a lush, green rainforest. Her website URL types into a search bar.

Paloma Teppa’s VO speaks to where she came from, her mission and how she’s making the world she wants.

As she speaks, quick cuts to close-ups of Paloma, lush + warm plants, cold concrete, burning Palo Santo and laying in the moss. Cut to a close-up of her smiling, laughing.

As the VO resolves, her website builds on screen, scrolling.

Resolve on Paloma standing ethereal, staring into camera, asking how you’ll make the world you want. Resolve on logo over picture and tagline.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

GoDaddy campaign’s 6 Makers (entrepreneurs):

AYESHA CURRY ( - Bringing families back together through food.

Growing up, her family cooked and ate together, this is lost in modern life. She creates recipes, meal kits, an entire brand around bringing back this feeling of home.

DAN PETERSON ( - Giving pride back to communities and making safe beautiful places to play by renovating run-down basketball courts in low-income neighborhoods.

TYSON TOUSSANT ( - Making thread, from recovered plastic, to be used in fashion and textiles. He uses our desire for new things to solve this big problem.

PALOMA TEPPA ( - Artist creating plant sanctuaries in cities for people to get back to nature. Cities have been developed without this aspect of humanity.

ELOHIM ( - Musician normalizing how we speak about mental health.

LYN SLATER ( - A 64-year-old style influencer. Fashion doesn’t just belong to the young.

Tell the jury about the production design/art direction. You may wish to comment on choices, challenges or effects.

For GoDaddy’s Make the World You Want campaign, we partnered with six Makers actively making positive change. We needed unique art direction that did justice to their bold missions. So we created an imaginative, immersive set build inspired by each Maker and their mission. Paloma Teppa is a sustainable architect who transforms urban spaces into natural sanctuaries.

Her world is filled with clean architecture elements and an immersive jungle of plant life. It’s an ode to the natural beauty that Paloma dedicates her life to, filled with the textures and wonder of plants. Gel lighting highlights the natural colors, as well as elevating it into the magical at key moments. A massively oversized space, this set build was designed for her to wander, explore, and get lost in. Even Paloma’s wardrobe reflects the connection between human and nature, as she wears a one-of-a-kind necklace and crown of living moss.

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