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Why is this work relevant for PR?

Mendoza can never access good promotions due to a provincial tax law that requires brands to pay more to launch a promotion there. Leveraging the centralization problems that Argentina suffers, since everything passes through Buenos Aires, its capital, is that we installed The Payback promo in the media, as an idea that ignited the debate on centralization in the country, since it was the first promo launched nationwide, which was valid only in Mendoza.


Andes is a 100-year-old beer, it is the historic Mendoza beer. However, in the past 5 years the brand began to lose connection with its target to new brands that communicated. That is why in 2020 we decided to re-launch it with a new image and to carry out campaigns with the aim of connecting 100% with all Mendoza.

Given that the Brand objective and strategy aim to reconnect with Mendocineans, our audience to reach was everyone with LDA in Mendoza, especially young people from 18 to 25 years old.

Due to a local tax-imposed contests and prizes, we learned that national and even international brands have been excluding the province of Mendoza of their special offers.

That is why each time a new special offer was launched, Mendocineans are left out and left with this message in their minds “special offer valid in the whole Argentinean Republic, except Mendoza”

Describe the creative idea

The campaign was based on the finding "all Mendoza are left out of the promos because of an extra tax applied by the province to execute them." From this, Andes, the Mendoza beer, launched a promotion throughout the country, but it was only valid in Mendoza. The tone is humor and irony, thus seeking instant identification with the campaign.

The idea sought to give back to the people of Mendoza a little of everything that was left out, making the first promo ONLY FOR MENDOZA, excluding the rest of the country.

Although the brand's mass media and social networks were used to showcase the campaign, what we sought was to work on viral through PR efforts and influencers, since the objective was to have the positive sentiment of the people. The campaign generated so much identification within the audience that participation and appearance in different media flowed organically.

Describe the PR strategy

The PR strategy was worked on understanding 3 needs of creativity:

1. Topic of debate at that time: The centralization that exists in the country: everything passes through Buenos Aires, its capital and many provinces are left out of everything. Thus, the media included in their agenda of topics, the debate on “The Paybcak Promo”.

2. Empathize with the Mendocino public by reversing the logic of all Argentine promotions. We launched the first promo valid only in the province of Mendoza throughout the country.

3. Introduce payback promo to the rest of the country, reinforcing the concept "the first promo only for Mendoza", excluding the rest of the country. The objective was to continue building pride for Mendoza. That is why we implemented a strategy of influencers and PR from Mendoza who participated in the promo. And in the background, we look for nationally recognized personalities, programs and media

Describe the PR execution

We made the first communication locally and after three days, we expanded coverage to the entire country with the aim of generating a greater volume of conversation.

List the results

>> Sales +40% (SEP vs. JUL)

>> SOM +5% (JUL – SEP)

>> Branding:

Branding 95% (MS – Argentine average 73%)

Enjoyment 87% (MS – Argentine average 59%)

Love 57% (MS – Argentine average 29%)

Like 92% (9 out of 10 people liked something about the campaign)

“ANDES is a funny Brand” +18pts

“ANDES is a Brand for me” +11pts.

Kantar Worldpanel - Pre & Post campaign study

>> Earned media $1.1MM

>> Organic Impressions 3.5MM (Andes montlhy average 150k)

>> Positive sentiment 81% (Andes average 75%)

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product / service is distributed

The data on which we develop the campaign is a 100% local data, which directly affects all the people who live in the Province of Mendoza. That is why Andes, the Mendoza beer, was the one to carry out an action that impacts the Mendoza community.

Although the campaign was seen at a national level, with the aim of reinforcing to all Argentines that Payback Promo was the first promo only for Mendoza, it was only carried out in Mendoza.

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