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TBWA\BELGIUM, Brussels / TELENET / 2019

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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

In today’s entertainment landscape, there is so much content. So the trailers for tv-shows become more important. The Belgian streaming service Play - with tons of national and international tv-shows - made the most epic trailers ever: trailers you can live in. The Play Trailer Park consisted of 6 caravans inspired by 6 tv-shows. Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, True Blood, etc. During 3 weeks influencers and fans could spend the night there, turning this outdoor installation into a truly interactive and immersive experience.


Play is the streaming service from Belgian telecom provider Telenet. For years, it was mainly focussed on families with children. In 2018 Telenet decided to relaunch Play, as a true Netflix-competitor, adding all the best local and international shows to the catalogue. For example, it contains all HBO shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones. We had to make a campaign to reach the real series-bingers.

Describe the creative idea

Belgian steaming service Play brought the tv-trailer to life in the Play Trailer Park. 6 caravans inspired by tv-shows like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, True Blood, and more, down to the smallest details. Fans could book a night in our Trailer Park and experience the tv-shows. To their own surprise, they didn’t just binge the tv-shows, but experienced them at first hand: sleeping in the same bed, eating the same horrible food, drinking the same (poisoned?) wine, getting imprisoned, being woke up with alarms and gunshots, etc..

To bring this Trailer Park experience to the public, we had a well planned PR and influencer approach. Before the actual launch we gave influencers and journalists the opportunity to spend a night in the park. They gave us the online and offline visibility we needed to reach the fans.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience are millenials and series-lovers. They have a built in ability to ignore or block advertising, so we had to create something special. Instead of making a campaign, we decided to create a unique experience. One that our target group would love to be part of.

Describe the execution

To announce all the fantastic new content on our streaming platform Play, we went one step beyond the typical trailer. Most of our target audience already saw that trailer online anyway. We brought the tv-trailer to life in a way they never saw before. After all, don’t we all dream to experience the life of our favourite tv-stars? Don’t you want to spend the night like a king or a queen in Game of Thrones? What if you could experience just a hinge of the fear of the people in The Walking Dead? How does it feel to spend some time in jail? Or experience romance with vampires? We brought the tv-shows to life, down to the smallest details. We had the same props, pictures, food, glasses, furniture… just like in the shows made this a complete, immersive experience.

List the results

The results exceeded all expectations. With the activation we managed to position Play as the place to be for binge watchers. For 3 weeks the Play Trailer Park was open and fans could spend the night there. And they did. It was fully booked every single night and fans didn’t just binge, but experience their favourite shows. We had a huge amount of online and offline PR, with free publicity worth of 365.000 euro, and tons of social conversations. But most important, we crushed the sales objective with 170%. Even though the target of sales/day was already quite ambitious, we almost doubled it.

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