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Why is this work relevant for Media?

As the first generation of digital natives, GenZ is an audience that is easiest to find yet hardest to truly reach. We celebrated the rollout of Project Futureproof via almost all relevant Gen-Z-focused channels, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Spotify. To ensure not only maximum media exposure but ultimate impact.

The relevant media selection successfully prompted the young audience to further engage with the customized utility we offered them - a Web APP/ Online Hub, where their interests, passions and unique personalities were recognized and translated to promising career paths.


With telecommunication services commoditizing, GenZ (A16-29) has been identified as a strategic stronghold for maintaining Telekom’s relevancy and edge. Not only are they the most connected audience, but they are also Tech innovators and first-comers brimming with originality and creativity.

While it is comparably easy to find GenZ in media due to their universal usage of all things digital, they are also increasingly difficult to convince. Our goal has thus been to establish a meaningful connection with them by providing tangible values most relevant to them.

Adhering to the digital optimism central to our brand values, our communication approach for Project Futureproof was designed to help the brand achieve the following:

• Business Objective: Strengthen Telekom’s relationship with GenZ and inspire their loyalty as customers.

• Marketing Objective: Increase Telekom’s brand attributes within this specific segment and position the brand as a preferred provider of choice.

Describe the creative idea / insights

The lingering of COVID-19 managed to dampen GenZ’s relentless optimism with one issue standing out in particular - career uncertainty. Research from Deutsche-Telekom showed that 61 percent of European Gen Z are anxious about career prospects. As Gen Zers are stepping precariously into the future, Telekom saw it as their responsibility to help them navigate the opportunities and overcome the challenges they face.

Adhering to this positive outlook, our ambition was to provide GenZ’s with tangible values in the form of tech solutions and utilities, reassuring them that if they have a passion, they will be #futureproof both in their careers and in general, no matter what twists and turns the future holds.

Describe the strategy

Telekom created Project Futureproof, a tangible tech-based utility designed to offer support and guidance - from GenZ for GenZ.

What underlies the project is the digital-led optimism hinting at the career opportunities that will naturally evolve from this generation’s current passions. From inception to implementation, this project stays true to Telekom’s commitment to GenZ, because “We are here for this generation.”

At the heart of #wearefutureproof is a free-to-access Web App/ Online Hub that serves to inspire and support GenZ. While the Web App showcases the values of their existing passions and skill sets, the Online Hub helps identify future careers and offers helpful resources to adapt more easily in the world of work.

Utilizing connected technology, the entire Project Futureproof is developed in collaboration with both Gen Z contributors and a diverse group of professional skills and employability experts. It aims to connect users to peer-to-peer inspiration and support.

Describe the execution

Project Futureproof was rolled out in two phases and featured a range of Gen-Z-focused channels, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Spotify:

In phase 1, we created massive awareness for the topic with an optimistic short film that invites young people to envision an ideal future, where their passions are brought to fruition. Billie Eilish, who cameos in the film, amplified the launch on social media together with a host of GenZ influencers.

In Phase 2, we built on momentum and encouraged participation & engagement with the Web App. To do so, we launched a Snap lens and partnered with TikTok creators to promote the Web App by showing how different passions can translate into career opportunities.

Beyond the tool and campaign, Telekom also created real world spaces and opportunities such as an internship program, online classes, one-on-one career advice with recruiters and talent managers that further engaged the audience.

List the results

As a branding campaign, #wearefutureproof performed exceptionally well in relation to our media objectives, contributing to impressive uplifts of the Telekom brand among GenZ:

-Brand fit shift: 34%+ (150%+ against target)

Kantar results proved that the success went far beyond industry standards:

-Ad Awareness: 21,3%+ (vs. 5,5% average industry standard)

-Brand favorability:15,8% (vs. 1,8)

-Brand Consideration: 14,5 (vs. 1,2%)

The Web App proved to be decisive drivers that contributed to the impressive high engagement among Gen Z and allowed the target audience to experience quality time with the brand.

-1,6m visits

-200k+ profiles created

-Visitor Rate 19,52%

-Test completion rate: 69% (vs 30% planned)

-5+ mins avg. time spent

In terms of media effects, contextual link to GenZ’s needs and actions proved to be a real success:

-924M impressions

-99M Video Views, 21,6% 100% VTR

-559M+ earned reach

-85%+ TA penetration (vs 50% benchmark)

-267+ pieces of editorial coverage

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