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Turning to music, the most powerful medium to spark emotions, inspire and touch hearts, we commissioned a reputed seasoned composer to create a de facto national anthem through a music video titled ‘Stand Tall Vietnam’, a message that transcends and unifies generations.

The song - specifically written for the film - became a powerful and persuasive voice for the nation; a voice that inspires resulting in goose bumps when sung by the people for the people.

The voice of the children – Vinamilk’s core consumers and Vietnam’s next generation who are filled with unbridled pride and hope, sung the anthem set against the country’s spectacular landscape. The entire choir, dressed in white uniforms, projected a strong sense of solidarity, hope and optimism for the future ahead.


The film was first released across YouTube, Facebook and Zing MP3, Vietnam’s most popular music platform among the Vietnamese youths.

It was then aired in CGV, the leading cinema operator in Vietnam with movie theatres across key cities. Over 3 weeks, the music video was shown before selected movies that attract a diverse group of audiences from young to old.

To facilitate the spread and reach of the film across the 63 provinces in Vietnam, we also broadcast it on TV during 3 weeks. We selected to air the music video on our national channel with the aim of elevating the song to the national level, giving it some air of solemnity and ultimately helping it to be seen as the new anthem for the country.


The film triggered 32 million views across all online channels within 30 days with 55% organic views on Youtube.

The video also successfully got the nation talking.

• More than 500 thousand likes, 20 thousand comments and 27 thousand shares.

• Over 200 articles and news features across 50 TV stations and publications.

• Over 24 KOLs (hot bloggers, singers, actors…) made their own versions out of their love for the MV.

The real impact was demonstrated when 89 local schools, companies and government committees performed the song prior to special events. 37 local stations rebroadcasted the entire 3-minute film free of charge, resulting in over US$500,000 earned media which contributed more than 50% of total media value, elevating this gift to the people on a scale we had not anticipated.

In terms of brand health, the film surpassed all expectations and in response to “This MV makes me feel proud of Vietnam” statement scored 4.49/5. Vinamilk also witnessed an increase in brand love rating, where it scored 9 out of 10. 99.8% discussion on social media around Vinamilk brand was positive.

According to the post-campaign survey, 42% consumers also regarded Vinamilk as a national pride, an increase from 30% before the campaign.


Despite Vietnam’s economic success, a divide exists between the youth - who are impatient for progress and benchmark their achievements against G8 markets - and an older generation, who are incredibly proud of their Nation’s rapid economic growth and transformation.

Because of this divide, Vinamilk’s ambition for their 40th Anniversary was to become the voice of solidarity. Being the brand that has been through a lot with Vietnamese people, it launched 'Stand Tall Vietnam', an emotional song that instilled in everyone a deep sense of pride about how far the nation had come and its bright future.


We identified three key audiences;

1. Our primary target was the youth, the energy of our future.

2. Our secondary target was the older generations, who have always stood tall for Vietnam.

3. And to fuel the collective voices of both groups, the third group was the media and social influencers, who added weight to our message and allowed it to penetrate deeply throughout the country.

We released the film emulating the launch of a music video. For its debut, we partnered with top online music platforms to reach the youths, who have the habit of watching and sharing music digitally.

We then took it to cinemas in order to catch people of more diverse age groups.

With the ambition of making the song the new anthem, we also aired it on national TV channel, where the bulk of the population still tune in every day for national news.


As a young Nation in terms of economy and population, Vietnam is consistently held up as an emerging market defying global predictions as others fall short of targets.

Yet, the Vietnamese youth feel at odds with the countries success creating a generational divide. The youth, who are highly driven and impatient for success are inclined to compare their country with more developed markets. While the older generation, who have fought hard for freedoms and prosperity are enormously proud of the countries achievements and grateful for her security.

As a national brand, Vinamilk has enjoyed the success, as well as the struggles Vietnam has endured throughout its well documented history. So on its 40th Anniversary, Vinamilk aimed to become the voice that bridge this generational gap and celebrate Vietnam’s fierce sense of pride and spirit towards the nation they love and admire.

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