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Why is this work relevant for PR?

The number of homeless cats in Sweden is a big problem. Partly from the cat’s perspective and partly concerning the biodiversity of the small animals that cats feed on. Despite this, few know about the problem and cats have a very low status. The goal is to raise cats’ status, encourage understanding about the problem and pass a new law. However, Animal Welfare Sweden’s budget is minimal.

How do we shed light on an unnoticed problem, create involvement and a popular movement to eventually shape opinions with a minimal budget? With an earned core and PR!


Animal Welfare Sweden is a non-profit organization that influences public opinion and lobbies politicians to, amongst other things, improve national animal welfare legislation. The number of homeless cats in Sweden is a large animal welfare problem and the problem is primarily because cats have a low status. Mandatory registration and techniques to mark cat’s identity are thought to be the best solutions to the problem.

Therefore, the assignment was to create a campaign that gives the issue the space that it deserves, which puts as much pressure as possible on politicians to push through a change in the law. When Animal Welfare Sweden has previously raised the issue, it has been done in a too alarming way, which has created a barrier for Swedes, thus made it difficult for them feel involvement.

Describe the creative idea

Dogs have all the rights that cats lack. Therefore, there are few homeless dogs in Sweden. Cat and dog. Dog and cat. Man and Woman! The fact that as a society we only protect dogs with mandatory identity marking and registration not only feels unfair. It shows that a dog is worth more than a cat. We simply care more about them. With that insight, the idea “stop the cat-astrophy” was born. A political advocacy campaign for the rights of cats with spokespersons we actually care about. Dogs.

Describe the PR strategy

Despite being Sweden’s most popular pet there are 100,000 homeless cats in Sweden. However, there are few homeless dogs. This is due to unequal ID-marking legislation. Therefore, we are letting dogs speak on behalf of cats in this important issue that has lacked support, until now.

To change legislation, we started a movement to get animal lovers and politicians to support the cause to increase the cat’s status.

By letting some of Sweden’s most famous dogs speak about the cat’s situation, we gained widespread support, involved media and decision makers. We gave influencers the opportunity to create content and strengthen their brand and we gave Sweden’s politicians the chance to show voters they are decisive.

Dogs borrowed the strategy from successful social movements. People have used these tactics countless times before to highlight injustice and change society.

1. Start a movement

2. Involve journalists and news agencies

3. Influence politicians

Describe the PR execution

The campaign launched with a film where famous Swedish dogs were invited to a talk about cats. They were interviewed about the cat’s difficult situation and ancient rivalry transformed into an uprising. Several celebrities became involved and a petition for cats’ rights was created.

The humoristic approach to an important issue resulted in massive interest from journalists and several news agencies took our side. Politicians were put under pressure. Sweden’s Minister of Trade and Industry received the petition and presented a prospective law signed by Sweden’s Prime Minister. The debate began. News agencies, debaters and politicians were engaged for several months. Dogs congregated outside of the Swedish Parliament to demonstrate and bribes (dogtreats) were sent to members of parliament who happily shared on social media. When parliament voted on the issue, so much attention had been raised that Sweden’s largest news agencies monitored the vote and the law was passed.

List the results

The biggest goal is also the easiest to measure. A change in the law. After years of trying, Animal Welfare Sweden have now managed the impossible. On March 3, 2022, the Swedish parliament voted to pass a law giving cats the same high status as dogs.

Substantial Impact

Despite the light-hearted tone, the campaign generated awareness and thousands became involved, with more donors and a new law.


The goal was 5,000 signatures. The petition had 40,300 signatures.

Political influence

Sweden’s Minister for Trade and Industry received the petition and spoke about it in public. Swedish news agencies reported on the interest and the debate started. The Swedish government focused on the issue and presented a proposal to Parliament to change legislation.

Spreading PR

The message was spread without cost. The campaign measured a potential reach of over 30 million thanks to Swedish celebrities and news agencies. Results exceeded goals and previous records.


During the campaign 40% of donors were new. An important future resource and a feat for Animal Welfare Sweden who has never reached this many new target groups and normally receives all donations from former donors.

Earned social media

Over 300,000 new interactions

Brands homepage

Visits to the homepage increased by 4700% during the first two months of the campaign.


Subscriptions increased by 13.5%. The newsletter is an important channel for the organization as subscribers are the most prolific donors.

Campaign Film

The film has 700,000 views.

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