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The children rescued by Save the Children are survivors the worst problems in society.


We believe in the power of the music to generate impact, and use a song about a survivor and put it in different mexican children’s mouths. We wanted to deliver the message that with some help we can get the world to put excluded children first and tackle the barriers that prevent them from surviving, learning and being protected.  

We implemented our campaign in different social media and cinema, from April 30th (national children’s day) and July, using the brand’s own channels and diffusion assets.


By the date the film was released, there are still not enough metrics to complete this section.


A raw portrait of extreme situations that children from Mexico are exposed: work, risk zones, child marriage, are some of the themes that are portrayed in this short film executed with a top-notch craft.

It is a film, which is totally supported by a musical theme. A cover of a famous song used to give voice to surviving children of the worst problems in society.


Save the Children arrived to Mexico in 1973. From then on, Save the Children has worked with children through several different programs.

We made us their main statement that “no child should be excluded from the opportunity to survive and learn, yet millions of children globally are being left behind”.

When trying to touch people’s heart in Mexico you can’t only show the dramatic part of the story of this children that want to survive, but you need to show hope. We must show people how they can be part of the solution, and how it can be a way out if we together make an effort.


Save the Children is the world's leading independent organization for children. Children’s lives, voices and future potential should be fiercely protected at all costs.

Even when the organization has been present in Mexico for decades, Save the Children lacks of brand recognition and awareness in Mexico, so the brand needed to generate a powerful impact within Mexicans, so we needed to generate brand awareness and recognition, to recruit donors and associates for the organization.

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