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TAKTIKA, Kyiv / SKVOT / 2022

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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

In this work we created an own body wash for online creative school SKVOT. For the first time in their history we brought SKVOT's brand from online to offline — to showers of Ukrainian creatives. SKVOT Shower Storming, the body wash for creating ideas, allowed the audience to have a more effective shower brainstorms by means of a special design of its package. The launch of an unusual product for an online school resulted in a thousands of interactions with the brand in the most unexpected for an online school place — in people's bathroom.


SKVOT is a Ukrainian local creative school providing online courses in advertising, arts, design and media disciplines. The niche of creative online education in Ukraine is narrow, which makes the market players compete for every single student. By the latest estimations, the total number of potential creative courses buyers in Ukraine is 2.5 mln people. Which is not so many, if we consider the low purchase frequency in the category and high competition.

Another challenge was the mixed education format of SKVOT’s competitors. Two major competitors provide both online and offline classes, while SKVOT is online only. Which is less effective in terms of building a loyal community.

The task was to differentiate SKVOT’s among other schools and engage the audience in a brand-oriented experience to raise awareness and loyalty and make possible an offline interaction with the brand. The communication had to be narrow-targeted and low cost.

Describe the creative idea

We wanted a solution with a potential to create social buzz inside a narrow community and let them experience the first offline contact with the brand. The idea was built on a common insight among the creative audience — ‘’the shower enlightenment’’. The moment when maximal relaxation and water’s meditative effect make random ideas bump into your mind.

We came up with an idea of a physical item that would make shower brainstorming more effective — a body wash for creating ideas by SKVOT. We called SKVOT Shower Storming and announced the first limited-edition drop of a body wash made by an online school.

Describe the strategy

Our strategy was to engage with a local creative community to make them share, discuss and the most important desire the unusual product. The budget was small so we made a bet on utilising owned media and involving opinion leaders. We sent the first drop of the product to local community influencers and simultaneously launched a product website and made a release via social media.

We aimed at a very specific audience which in Ukraine is very connected in terms of sharing a common media environment and following the same influencers and newsmakers. So we didn’t include any paid media, believing that a product itself will make the community advertise us.

Describe the execution

We collaborated with a local manufacturer and produced a real body wash with an intense citrus scent that immediately wakes you up in a shower. On the bottle we put 25 idea-starters which gave one a hint to a potential idea. The label design is made in a way that one randomly picks a phrase and starts brainstorming subconsciously. And then maximal shower relaxation in combination with a brainstorming hint from the package make ideas bump into your mind more effectively. We wanted this promotional item to look like a real product. So we paid attention to marking all the ingredients and production technology on the package and making advertising materials for it, looking just like if it was a real body wash. We also made a special lending page allowing people to pre order the next drop of SKVOT Shower Storming.

List the results

The product became a desirable item since the first day of its release. We got covered in all the creativity and lifestyle oriented Ukrainian media. Launching via local influencers allowed us to become an Instagram topic of the day among the creative community. The campaign got 2 mln media impressions during the first week on the narrow market, where the general number of audience is approximately 2,5 mln potential students. SKVOT received unprecedented awareness: people tweeted about SKVOT Shower Storming, shared about it on Instagram and Facebook and bombarded us with requests to get their own body wash. Someone even ordered it as a birthday present. What happened to be a promotional stunt, turned out to be a successful offline brand experience activating its community as never before.

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