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Why is this work relevant for Sport Entertainment?

The Hundred is the first tournament of its kind in the world; a disruptive format, fit for the digital era, which throws open the doors of cricket to all. Full of energy and optimism, fearless but with a big heart, it is a sporting revolution for a heritage institution. By challenging existing perceptions of cricket and crafting a new narrative for the sport, The Hundred invites everyone - especially children and their families, of all ethnic backgrounds - to fall in love with the game at its intense, incredible best.


The average cricket fan is 50 years old and the sport’s core audience white, affluent, middle-aged men. Beyond this, interest in cricket was declining - and the sport’s future uncertain. It needed a revolution if it was to survive.

The brief was simple - create a global sports entertainment brand; bring more people into the game; showcase top quality cricket; get more children picking up a bat and ball; and bring important revenue to the game. In short, throw open cricket’s doors to all.


Appeal to a broader audience, beyond a ‘pale, stale and male’ demographic

Disrupt traditional perceptions of cricket - which to many meant boring, confusing and elitist

Build a global sports entertainment brand with mass appeal in its DNA, to draw in more diverse audiences than ever

Redefine the sport, whilst still celebrating first-rate cricket and bringing existing fans on the journey

Describe the creative idea

Cricket is steeped in tradition, with historic rivalries and an aura of exclusivity. For existing fans, this history appeals. But for new audiences, it renders the sport inaccessible. It was stuck, lackluster - and this was reflected in its branding. It didn’t just need a shake, it needed an overhaul. Enter: The Hundred.

The Hundred injected cricket with a burst of energy, sparking the interest of audiences who had never engaged with the sport before. The new electrifying pace was reflected in the visual choices, which were a significant departure from what had come before.

Its brand identity emerged from a combination of vibrant, inclusive positivity and contemporary urban grit; striking colours, graphic imagery and expressive typography all align to capture the attention of cricket fans - old and new. It’s visually disruptive because that’s exactly what it is – a brand disrupting cricket and opening its doors to all.

Describe the strategy

Cricket needed to be reborn, with The Hundred injecting a new energy. We re-invigorated the sport so it was fit for the digital era; electrifying audiences in the stands and at home and inspiring new audiences to take up cricket’s call.

The game was reduced to a 100-ball format: 100 balls per innings, whoever scores the most runs wins. It’s simplified and fast-paced.

Eight men’s and women's teams, representing territories across England and Wales were up against each other fighting for equal prize money. New teams, new names, new uniforms, new chance for fans to re-engage with cricket.

We worked hard to retain a distinctly sporting character, which ensured it still felt like a credible tournament serious about producing first-rate cricket. It’s visually disruptive because that’s exactly what it is – a brand positively disrupting the sport of cricket itself.

It’s cricket - but not as we know it.

Describe the execution

Eight new and distinctly individual teams occupy their own space within the competition. Their visual brand elements were used across a variety of touchpoints, flexing on merchandise and communications to team kit, driving their own personalities with unique names, typography and colours. These exhilarating new identities appealed to more fans, allowing them to fall in love with the game in all its dynamism.

Sports and entertainment collided as local, hometown, DJs for each team performed at the stadium, exhilarating fans and entertaining all. A broadcast deal brought cricket to a bigger audience, airing on BBC and Sky Sports, making history launching with the Women’s Hundred match and thrusting women to the forefront of cricket.

A new easy-to-navigate website, designed for mobile phone users, an interactive App with real-time scores and dynamic icons that feature alongside live games propelled cricket into the digital era, making it accessible for all.

Describe the outcome


16.1M broadcast reach (9.2M new to ECB cricket)

55% new-to-cricket ticket buyers

19% ticket buyers were for kids

21% female ticket buyers

267K highest attendance for a woman’s cricket event globally, ever


264K app downloads, the #1 sports app on the App Store

13.6M video views during the competition

31% of new to ECB sign-ups were female and 27% were U35

YouGov Buzz Report detailed The Hundred overtaking the Premier League for ‘buzz’ in August 2021


66% see The Hundred as gender equal

230% increase in junior fixtures during summer window

36% increase in girls signing up to junior programmes

98% of players and coaches saw The Hundred as a world class competition

The Hundred was key driver in raising interest in women’s sports generally, according to Women’s Sport Trust; 71% of new-to-cricket viewers of The Hundred went on to watch other women’s sport

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