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Why is this work relevant for PR?

In a budget restricted brand, in a budget restricted moment, we needed something to make a big splash.

To celebrate the 100 years of of Leite Moça in Brazil we needed something powerful to put the brand in evidence.

We changed the brand’s key asset: the Swiss country girl from the 18th century that stamped the cans.

With that we got the best attention this brand had in years and brought it to the current conversations


Leite Moça is one of the Brazilian women's most beloved dessert brand. An icon itself, it has a

cultural and social background that blends its own history with the history of thousands of

women. But lately, the brand has been losing relevance, weakening the connection

it had with its consumers and decreasing space in homes.

Nestlé challenged us to put this brand in the spotlight again and bring it to the new times.

Describe the creative idea

The can of Leite Moça has been part of Brazilian culture for 100 years. But in a country as diverse,

multicultural and mixed race as Brazil, to have a Swiss country girl from the

18th century as our symbol didn’t make sense anymore. So we decided to replace the image of

the old blonde girl by 6 Brazilian women. Six real women who represent the

dedication, creativity and the resilience of an entire country. Designed by an upcoming female

artist, the women were selected based on their personal story and relation with the brand.

These 6 women on the can created a place for another 100 stories on Instagram,

which created a space for all Brazilian women to tell their stories. But more importantly they

saw themselves represented on the can of the brand that always supported them.

Describe the PR strategy

After years of low brand efforts, the social changes and the increased competitors pressure the brand had lost some of its power. The Brand Health Tracking (IPSOS) showed that the brand became a nostalgic piece: old-fashioned and non-innovative.

Studying our targets, using primary social listening, we discovered some important facts: 1) Women 35-55 y.o – love to cook and feel that they need to be more recognized for their effort to bring the best desserts to the table. 2) Women 25-35 y.o. – starting to cook desserts and are not connected to any ingredient brand (price oriented), but with an increasing sense of social justice and engagement with feminist causes.

The description of those two targets helped us uncover one truth: Leite Moça has become what it is today because great women were able to make it a Brazilian classic (present in 60% of dessert recipes). We needed to

Describe the PR execution

Having the can of Leite Moça as the main asset of the campaign, we leverage the strength of Nestlé's distribution system to give the idea that the scale that our reduced media budget would not have.

The 6 women represented on the cans were spread nationwide, and inspired other women to take part in the campaign too. Through Leite Moça’s social media network, we boosted the message by telling the stories of another 100 ladies. We also created an app where it was possible to be portrayed as one of the ladies on the can and share one’s engagement through social media.

List the results

At first people were reluctant with the courage of such a traditional and iconic brand. But Moça doubled down and kept going further with the initiative, celebrating the diversity and strength of Brazilian women.

The idea became viral and turned into a passionate debate on social media and covered news from the largest media outlets.

As a result, the brand exceeded an incredible R$11.4 million in spontaneous media.

Also, we increased the brand mentions by 242% on social networks.

This led us to reconnect with the consumers who brought us here, and conquered a new generation of women who believe that being represented always matters,for the next 100 years and beyond.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Brazil has discovered itself as a misogynist and sexist country. Women have always struggled, and even after all these years, they are still the target of all sorts of attacks. What used to be hidden in everyday relationships, and not made public, is now exposed daily on social media and in the news, with cases of aggression against women and even femicide. The situation got even worse when the country elected an important representative who is known for spreading violence against minorities and women: the President Jair Bolsonaro. But in this context of hatred and violence, Leite Moça doubled down and was even more certain about what she wanted to continue doing: supporting women’s rights. Celebrate their strength and entrepreneurship through cooking. For the first time in 100 years, the brand changed its greatest symbol, and replaced the blonde Swiss girl by 6 real Brazilian

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