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Before encouraging others, you have to show them how it’s done!

To prove that true fruits is the No.1 brand when it comes to bravery, their founder and CEO Marco Knauf had to prove his and the companies guts in the most honest way imaginable.

true fruits CEO’s private parts were scanned, cast in steel and used as an award to reward brave companies. Provoking a debate about the award and bravery in business with a simple but powerful symbol for courage.


On March 14th, the first teaser got more than 30,000 views in one day.

The plan of uploading more teasers was changed, when the project got leaked and appeared in press.

We had to go public on March 15th and gaining more than 240.000 views for our announcement video on Facebook. Immediately the controversial symbol sparked a conversation about bravery and the courageous award itself.

TV, press and social media shared, talked and discussed our campaign with most people honouring and defending it.

true fruits kept the conversation going by replying to posts and giving interviews explaining the award and the serious meaning of the campaign.

Even though a purely German campaign it crossed the borders and was talked about abroad.

The first award winner Sodastream got us additional coverage and loved the award so much, that they plan to let their celebrity ambassador talk about it.


• Tier 1: Media Outputs - coverage depth (quality/quantity), tone and message delivery, purchase intent (survey)

The award was Featured in TV, Germany’s biggest on and offline press, start-up blogs, magazines and even abroad.

Without any media spent, over 18 million people were reached and 250.000€ worth of free media.

• Tier 2: Target Audience Outcomes - measurable changes in awareness, comprehension, perceptions/attitudes/opinions, and target behaviors/actions/ responses achieved

The award provoked a discussion about bravery in business with true fruits being right in the center of it.

Not only the award but also its purpose of encouraging and rewarding courage reached instantly awareness and was talked about.

For many true fruits balls of steel became something to strive for.

Companies, NGOs and Start-ups replied asking to be rewarded.

true fruits was always part of the conversation, defending and explaining the award with sometimes literally wishing haters good bye and asking them to buy their competitors’ products. Proving once again that they value their believes, which got them even more applause and likes.

Leaving true fruits celebrating not only their anniversary, but also their anniversary campaign.


The work lived solely through and was built around earned-media, was talked about in TV, press, blogs and Germany’s biggest newspaper and sparked a public dialogue, creating awareness and recognition about the topic of bravery in business.

It is meant to be highly controversial but at the same time reflecting the company’s history and believes. Building on its reputation of brave and honest communication.

Balls of steel is what true fruits stands for as Germany’s bravest brand and what its target audience loves about them.


• Target audience

Existing true fruits fans and consumers as well as the business community in Germany, with a particular focus on those involved in start-ups/running their own businesses, both established and new.

• Target media

Digital/online – primarily using true fruits Facebook channel and a dedicated campaign micro-site with the clear intention to utilize free PR for reach.

• PR planning

Prior to the campaign, confidential press releases were sent out with a set date for publication. But when first articles about our campaign were leaked after our first teaser, we went online and let additional press coverage come to us.

• Approach

A surprising campaign, centered around the company’s beliefs, to encourage bravery in business, through the launching of an award that utilized PR to maximize reach and ROI. It was designed to provoke a debate, gain traction and buzz with online and print publications, and ultimately go viral.


• Situation

There are not many brands in Germany as brave as true fruits. In fact, most of them are everything but brave. true fruits uses this to their advantage, breaking through the clutter with their honest and bold communication.

• Brief

true fruits wanted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary by encouraging other German brands to be as brave as they are.

• Objective

Reach as many people as possible with a cost-efficient idea that lives through PR and follows true fruits communication approach of honesty and bravery.

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