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We decided to introduce the clients to the loyalty program in a fun way. We gave them the opportunity to build their own virtual house. Its exterior as well as some rooms. It was also possible to add a garden and outdoor decorations to the house.

In order to build a house, the clients needed components, which were offered by the program’s partners. So to get a component, the ‘builders’ had to find and go through each partner’s offer. There were 24 components in total. Such as the house layout, roof, doors and windows, but also interior pieces, like the sofa, bathtub and others. The promotion participants could choose from various types and elements, colour them and then place them.


The contest ran from 23.6 to 30.11.2015.

The users were not permitted to build the houses immediately, because we were unlocking the components gradually. So those, who started right at the beginning of the contest could not finish before October.

The contest was created as a web app under the loyalty program’s domain. The app was responsive, so the users could use their mobile devices.


List of results

- The visits of the loyalty program, compared to the previous period, increased by 125%

- Number of viewed program partner's websites increased by 163%

- Number of loyalty program's users increased by 100%


- Clients started to use the benefits more

- The promotion was so successful, that CMSS is currently developing a sequel.


The aim was to activate ?MSS clients (the largest building savings bank in Czech Republic)

To motivate them towards acknowledging the loyalty program's offer, which was developed by ?MSS, and to introduce them to the benefits.

The key element of our activation was the upgrade of the loyalty program with the use of a fun game.

The promotions allowed the users to receive interesting incentives, if they actively participated in the loyalty program.


Target Audience

The core target audience of the promotion were ?MSS clients between 24-40 years, those, who ponder the most the idea to change their living situation, or how to upgrade.

Secondary target audience were other ?MSS client.

Tertiary target audience were people between 25-40 years, who are not yet ?MSS clients (and could become clients).

Motivation: The target groups were motivated by a thought out system of benefits, so that each sub segments would get support. Motivation was multi level. The users could receive a discount, small present or a voucher of about EUR 3000.


The main marketing media was a newsletter, which got sent to ?MSS clients.

Secondary media was a website banner, those were mostly used on websites about lifestyle and architecture.

The viral effect was very important. We were counting on the users to share their houses on social media, which they did…


In Czech Republic, many institutions fight on the building financing market. ?MSS is one of the most succesful ones, and also the largest. Each institution also makes their own marketing plans, which support their client’s loyalty and activate them to use the bank’s products.

?MSS created a loyalty program based on the opportunity to receive significant discounts with the program’s partners. The partners are other brands, offering products and services in the area of building and living. The program was less succesul, than the bank had hoped for. Interest was not great.


To introduce the ?MSS clients to the program’s offer, as well as individual partners‘ offers

To improve their relationship with the program

To increase the number of program’s members

To raise the number of used benefits

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