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Globo TV channel, the biggest audiovisual production company in Latin America, joined Amazon, the world’s largest distributor of books, and Companhia Das Letras, the biggest brazilian publishing house, to make the experience of reading even more fascinating. Together, we put television content inside the stories of e-Books. How? Using the Kindle app. Now people can read and watch the greatest stories of brazilian and international literature at smartphones, tablets and computers. By clicking at the "Play" icon that appears at some excerpts of the e-Book story, the reader, while connected to the internet, can also watch one minute videos that show in images that same scene that is described in words. It's like reading the book and watching the TV series at the same time, on the same screen.


An encode and upload platform of videos in the cloud was created to host the excerpts that will be displayed in the e-book. The development followed all the protocols of information security, providing also a very complete analytical vision on the published excerpts. The role of selecting the excerpts from the eBooks varied according to the production of each work, but we listen from booktubers to specialists in literature. The excerpts highlight moments of great importance of the plot. Audiovisual language will allow the reader to complement his experience,

enriching it.

Launch of campaign: 06/12/2016.

Launch of e-Books: 17/04/2017 to 05/05/2017.

96% of the brazilian territory.

The e-Books are available at the Amazon site:


The campaign reached 96% of the brazilian territory.

We've engaged the 5 biggest brazilian booktubers (young owners of youtube channels dedicated to literature discussion). Each of these 5 booktubers has been engaging an average of at least 21 million people in Brazil.

At the launch of the "Two Brothers" eBook, we've made a discussion mediated by journalist Ediney Silvestre, with the participation of the book's author, Milton Hatoum, the series writer Maria Camargo, the literature critic Paulo Werneck, and also the author Fernando Bonassi. This debate was transmitted live at facebook reaching more then 500 thousands of people.

At the Globo’s facebook page, more than 13 million followers were impacted.

The series “Two Brothers” was watched by 106.622.605 people between 09 to 20 of April/2017.

The sales of the “Two Brothers” book at Companhia das Letras had an increase of 500%.

So far 4 e-Books published. Our goal: 200 e-Books.


Globo TV launched an advertising campaign in order to make people watch the first story adapted to television of the project: the TV series "Two Brothers", one of the greatest works of brazilian literature, written by Milton Hatoum, now, adapted to TV by Maria Camargo. After that, the "Two Brothers" book got an amazing selling increase on bookstores, so, Globo joined the editorial company of the book, Companhia Das Letras, and Amazon, to launch the e-Book version of the story with the television content inside it. It was immediately a great success. So we continued to spread the word in public debates and at the social networks. Together, now we have launched other e-Book titles with television content, such as: "Dangerous links", the famous french literature classic, written by Choderlos de Laclos ; and "Gabriela, clove and cinnamon", Written by Jorge Amado.


There is a belief that adaptations of books to TV make people be less interested in the original work.

As the biggest audiovisual production company of Latin America, Globo TV decided to do something about it.

But how could we end the notion that TV draws people away from books?

The answer is: we've made e-Books reading also a television experience.

Our goal: stimulating people to read more by using television content at e-Books.

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