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Why is this work relevant for Media?

The Hope, USA campaign was inspired by communities named Hope across the country. We took this feeling to one street that then became a canvas for Hope. The actions to spark this feeling of possibility in other communities across the country started there, and then spread. Partnerships with TV shows as well as our media plan fanned the flames and spread this effort to the small business communities that needed it the most, ensuring that 80% of funding reached diverse communities and small business owners including People of Color and women.


The Pandemic hit small businesses hard; as the bank that’s more Main Streets’ than Wall Street’s, Wells Fargo has over 3 million Small Business customers.

Our brief was to build a feeling that Wells Fargo truly was there to support them - we set out to give our communities across the country the support they desperately needed, and we did so by providing our small business customers with actions that made a meaningful difference in their time of need. In addition to Small Business Owners we also looked to rally our employees and show existing (non-small business) customers just how much we cared about the neighborhoods they lived and worked in.

Describe the creative idea / insights

Hope, USA was born of a need to help small businesses. This integrated campaign - Hope, USA – set out to restore hope for those who need it the most, both physically and metaphorically.

Working with non-profits and small businesses in more than a dozen cities nationwide, Wells Fargo gave owners, workers and local communities a fresh burst of Hope to start the New Year.

Describe the strategy

With more than 3 million small business customers, Wells Fargo had a unique view into the pandemic, and a vested interest in helping. But pep talks weren’t going to be enough, either for the small business owners, or for the brand that was looking for continued ways to prove it was on the side of its customers in order to drive favorability and trust. Business metrics weren’t the objective, the entirety of the effort was focused on moving these brand perceptions.

With the Hope, USA campaign we sparked, spread, and drove hope in meaningful and impactful ways for Wells Fargo customers and employees across the country. Our media approach evoked emotional connection amongst our customers and employees by spotlighting the message of hope during the fall and holiday season.

Describe the execution

The Hope, USA campaign was launched in three coordinated phases to align with our goal of sparking hope in the community, spreading hope across the nation, and driving hope for the holidays in support of small businesses.

The integrated campaign used national TV partnerships with household names such as the Kelly Clarkson show and Good Morning America to spread this momentum, and our TV and digital advertising, as well as our own and our media partners’ social media presence, to encourage people to support their local businesses – further spreading a message of hope to our customers, and their communities across the country

List the results

$420 million in grants for small business recovery.

3 million+ Small Businesses helped get back to thriving.

1.7 million people kept at work.

Earned, shared and owned tactics drove 592M impressions

Sentiment from earned media was 100% positive

Hope sparked in communities across the country.

Please tell us how the work was designed / adapted for a single country / region / market.

In every town and street called ‘Hope’ across America — that very feeling ‘HOPE’ has felt a little elusive. Our integrated campaign, ‘Hope, USA’, helped spark and spread this feeling by partnering directly with the communities who needed it most. It culminated in a huge event in Philadelphia where small businesses had really felt the effect of downtown neglect and then the Pandemic.

The 8th Street Corridor in Philadelphia itself became a giant media placement, where through Wells Fargo employees getting involved with the community the benefits of our support could be seen and shared, and so start sparking Hope across other communities in need and beyond.

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