M&C SAATCHI, Milan / SKY / 2015

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In order to generate an additional visibility boost for one of the most popular Sky TV Show - X Factor - we developed an app that allows people to experience the competition and generate videos that work as product demo on social platforms.

The app recognizes if you sing in tune and if you keep the rhythm, giving you real time video feedbacks with the reactions of the four X Factor judges. And just like it happens in the real show, you will receive a final response from them.

Once you get your final evaluation, you can post your video and get on your “private stage” to demonstrate your talent in front of all your social friends (and challenge them to get a better score).

Every performance is eventually collected on a dedicated video hub.


The project aimed at creating additional visibility on social platforms, collecting new leads and pushing the official X Factor app (where Your Factor were hosted). Most of all we’ve been asked to engage people around an exclusive Sky property, inviting audience to partecipate and share content.


Your Factor was accessible only during the airing period of the TV Show (three months).

In this period, more than 300.000 songs have been downloaded and sang, with more than 100.000 users testing their X Factor using the app.


X Factor is one of the most loved TV shows in Italy.

Behind the show the competition is huge, with thousands and thousands of young talents signing up the auditions every year, trying to get the only ticket for the glory: a “YES” from the 4 X Factor judges.

Thousands try, only few pass through and get their chance to sing on stage and discover if they really have the X Factor.

This years we wanted to give this chance to anyone, rewarding the great passion Italians demonstrate towards the show and, most of all, their great passion for singing.

To this end, we developed a software that allows every singer to prove his or her talent and discover if he or she has the X Factor.

An app that replicate the experience of the program, with the 4 judges listening to your performance and giving you a final evaluation.

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