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"Seeing Beyond Faces" is a campaign aiming to illuminate the stigma around mental health conditions. By symbolizing the struggle to see beyond labels, we emphasize the humanity behind each condition. Our initiative seeks to transform societal perceptions, fostering empathy and understanding. This campaign has the potential to revolutionize industry standards by advocating for greater inclusivity and support for individuals facing mental health issues. By driving awareness and inspiring action, this campaign can drive tangible changes in how mental health is addressed in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and employment, paving the way for a more compassionate and inclusive society.


Our campaign targets the broader public, primarily individuals aged 25 to 45, who represent a key demographic with significant potential for engagement and support. To effectively reach our audience, we will employ a multi-channel approach, leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to generate conversation and raise awareness. Additionally, we will utilize digital out-of-home advertising and activations, in addition to influencer partnerships, to amplify our message and expand our reach to a broader audience. Our strategy focuses on creating meaningful engagement through compelling storytelling and educational content, ultimately driving donations by showcasing the impact of contributions in supporting individuals with mental health conditions.


Our PR and social media calendar outlines a comprehensive strategy for executing our campaign to raise awareness about mental health and combat stigma. Beginning with DPM Lawrence Wong's display picture change, we kickstart the movement, followed by the launch of our social filter and donation microsite. As the week progresses, we leverage digital out-of-home advertising and activations, expanding our reach across the island. Through engaging social media content, including posts highlighting our Recovery Wellness Programme and employee spotlights, we foster connection with our audience. Additionally, influencers and DPM Wong add credibility and reach to our message, further amplifying our impact. On World Mental Health Day, we culminate our efforts with a press release and social media push, urging continued support and donations. Through this strategic execution, we maximize visibility and engagement, driving meaningful conversation and action on mental health awareness nationwide.