There is a Planet Tree!


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Tree planting does not interest enough people. People need to get excited of tree planting and seeing the value of it for the world, and therefore themselves.

Describe the creative idea


Tree planting is not in urban peoples mind. There is always some distant and hazy plan in sight which doesn't require any action towards making the world better. It is easy to ignore the individual responsibility under these conditions.

Therefore we created the sight, that what we think, stops people from planting trees or taking part in saving our ecosystem. This utopic situation is inspired by the audience, propably our selves aswell.


There is finally a plan for the survival of the humanity. After we have destroyed Earth, we are now able to move on the next one: resently found “Planet Tree”. This new planet that popped out of a black hole unexpectedly has similar conditions to Earth, and provide wood for mankind while our resources here are diminishing. After the oxygen levels have decreased once and for all, we are able to leave Earth for Planet Tree.

Strategy and Insight

Trough sarcasm and irony, “There is a Planet Tree!” is teasingly making fun of natural human thinking, that is set to always seek for the easiest way. Human tend to become passive under someone elses leadership, and to top that our thinking is also nowadays strongly influenced by non-reliable information resources. We might not make the effort to think everything trough, while social media and some public personas are doing it for us. The effortlessness is manifested as believing fake news, or almost comical future solving concepts that might require zero personal contribution. "There is a Planet Tree!" reminds people through gentle humour, that we probably shouldn't let go of individual responsibility and belief that everyones contribution is important.

By twisting a wishful concept with sarcastic graphic content that unfolds the irony little by little, this work awakens awareness towards the preciousness of our ecosystem and trees. This work brings peoples thoughts back to reality from the oh, so comforting utopia.