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100 Years

MEDIA.MONKS, Amsterdam / BRAUN / 2021

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Braun is well known for its legacy of craftsmanship and timeless design, shaving off old practices and complexities to make what’s never been made before. But to reach a younger audience, the brand had to transform its digital ecosystem. With “Braun: 100 Years,” we set out to evolve its digital presence and capabilities to reflect Braun’s commitment to craftsmanship —bolstering its credentials and reestablishing the brand as a player in contemporary design.

Through tailored content for cultural reach and relevance—powered by a best-in-class website experience—we went beyond simply adding digital expertise. Instead, we pushed for digitally centered brand building, creating one multi-dimensional narrative across the whole consumer journey.


More than just a one-time activation, “Braun: 100 Years” encompassed a holistic transformation that changed the Braun experience forever. Together, we built a digital first, multi-dimensional narrative across digital touchpoints to make Braun’s products the most talked about in its category and win over Millennials and Gen Z.

To attract a new generation, we planned our narrative around the brand’s purpose, and how it reflects today’s consumer values. Recognizing the importance of Braun’s dotcom, we kicked off our brand building strategy with the development of an interactive site that introduced their products through an immersive experience. Then, we powered product launches with attention-grabbing assets and artistic collaborations to broaden reach and relatability, such as the partnerships with Highsnobiety and fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who reimagined one of Braun’s most iconic product designs.

But rather than fixating purely on the products, we turned the lens toward the people: both the brilliant minds behind Braun’s creations (their inspiration, drive and creative process) and the people who use them, reinvigorating Braun’s representation to better reflect racial and body diversity. This way, we turn the stories that matter into innovative experiences that drive impact.

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